Small summer health: focus on heat prevention, moderate cool and clever summer

 Small summer health: focus on heat prevention, moderate cool and clever summer

Ingredients and preparation method: 100g mung bean, 10g dried lotus leaf (50g fresh lotus leaf), add some water to decoct, add a little sugar to taste, and then place the tea for posterity at room temperature.

Mung bean (mung bean) can be used for the treatment of heat and thirst. It is recorded in Zunsheng bajian that mung bean soup can be used to relieve summer heat. The lotus leaf has the function of clearing heat and removing dampness. At the same time, the lotus leaf is flat. It can not damage the spleen and stomach because of too cold. It can relieve the cold and cool characteristics of mung bean.

For people with weak spleen and stomach, you can use lotus leaf to decoct soup to prevent heatstroke. Or you can add some rice to maintain the spleen and stomach on the basis of this tea, and cook together into porridge, which can not only maintain the spleen and stomach, but also clear heat and prevent heat.

Lotus leaf and wax gourd soup

Ingredients and preparation method: one piece of fresh lotus leaf, 500g fresh wax gourd, proper amount of salt. Put lotus leaf and wax gourd together in the pot, add water to boil soup, seasoned with salt, then drink soup and eat wax gourd.

Wax gourd is a common vegetable in summer and autumn, which has the function of promoting water, reducing swelling, clearing heat and heat. The lotus leaf can cool and relieve heat, produce fluid and quench thirst, and can raise the level of Yang and clear the head. It is suitable for the elderly and children to eat.

Need to remind is that the weather is hot, we must avoid eating a lot of cold drinks, because too cold food into the gastrointestinal tract will lead to vasoconstriction of gastric mucosa, affect the secretion of digestive juice, thus affecting the digestion and absorption of food. For people with weak spleen and stomach, it can also lead to stomach pain, stomach distension, abdominal pain and diarrhea.

Clear away heat, lower temperature and wash carefully

Taking a shower in summer can cool down the heat and invigorate the spirit. However, people who are not used to taking cold baths should not use cold water or even ice water because they feel hot and dry. Cold water bath is not recommended for women with heart disease, hypertension, gastritis, menstruation and pregnancy. And people who have the habit of taking a cold bath should also change from warm water to cold water gradually when taking a shower, and the time for taking a shower must be short. In particular, we should pay attention to avoid cold water bath after drinking, fasting, satiety and strenuous exercise, so as not to avoid summer heat and damage the bodys Yang.

Source: Peoples editor in charge: Geng Yuanyuan_ NJ5571