All love is transient

 All love is transient

But the other side of decency is numbness.

When there are travelling merchants, they take on the responsibility of bandits and try to rob them. If you have a beautiful girl, you will take on the responsibility of a single dog and pursue it conscientiously. In short, everything is done step by step.

He seldom thought about what he really wanted in his heart.

Its understandable that at some point in your life, you just dont know what you want.

This kind of inner confusion is like his seven injury fist. Everything around him is fuzzy and chaotic. Although he tries his best, he still suffers from frustration.

In such a state, by accident, he and Bai Jingjing started their first relationship.

Although in the early stage of contact, zhizunbao used a lot of tricks and routines to win the girls heart.

But the real moving heart started from Bai Jingjings poisoning injury.

On the cliff, Bai Jingjing is no longer a ferocious spirit, but presents the most real side of her heart: a fragile and need comfort girl.

The real power is huge, so big that it will surpass the magic and Demon power that look cool, and then reach the softest place in the heart. Therefore, zhizunbao felt sympathy for Bai Jingjing for the first time, and then thought it was love.

In order to save Bai Jingjing, he ran back to find spider Jing for help.

But when Bai Jingjing wakes up, she cant find the treasure. She thinks that she has been abandoned. There is a misunderstanding between them for the first time.

Finally, with the help of the moonlight box, zhizunbao and Bai Jingjing eliminate the gap, and the unruly Bull Demon King breaks in again and separates them again.

Sometimes the logic of life is such a bandit. The more you care about something, the more you will suffer. The harder you love, the more you love.

In order to save the time, I didnt want to go back to baijingbao.

He wanted to continue to use the old way to save his love, but did not expect that the script of life has quietly changed.

Inadvertently, he met Zixia fairy.

With different people, we often feel a different self. If you are with Bai Jingjing, zhizunbao feels a loving and responsible self, then with Zixia, what he feels is a lying and full of bastard.

Including the classic love confession:

Once there was a sincere love in front of me. I didnt cherish it. When I lost it, I regretted it. The most painful thing in the world is this. If God can give me another chance, I will say three words to that girl: I love you. If you have to add a deadline to this love, I hope it is Ten thousand years.

In zhizunbaos opinion, this is the most perfect lie he has ever told in his life. No one likes to lie, and no one wants to be a jerk unless you give yourself a reason.

Zhizunbaos reason is very convincing. He wants to find the moon box and save his wife Bai Jingjing.

In short, men should do what they should do, which is a sense of responsibility.

Because of this sense of responsibility, no matter how many things Zixia did for him and how much sacrifice she made, she could not really touch his heart.

His heart is wrapped in a thick layer of defense, like a coconut shell, it is difficult for anyone to break from the outside.

Zixia cant open it from the outside. She can only get into his stomach and see his real appearance.


After several twists and turns, zhizunbao finally met Bai Jingjing. Two people can finally be together, but in the speech and behavior, there are always some unknown strange and lonely.

What does this dream represent?

My understanding is: a feeling.

When we were babies, we knew the world by feeling, the embrace of parents, the air outside, the blue sky and white clouds. By feeling, we establish the closest connection with the world around us.

But as we grow up, we begin to use our minds to understand people and things outside, and our feelings are gradually diluted and even numb.

In fact, the so-called return to 500 years ago, from the psychological level, is to go back to our past and experience our life with real feelings like children. Then you will know: what, is what I really want. The same is true of feelings. True love must touch the deepest part of your heart. It is a psychological retrogression and retrogression after you become an adult. Such a retreat can be painful and can tell you what you really want.


Finally, with the help of spider essence, zhizunbao opened his heart.

He saw a drop of tears left by Zixia in his heart, which was real and vivid. He also felt Zixias sadness and sadness, which was real and vivid. Because of this freshness, two peoples hearts really rely on each other. There is love between the electric light and flint.

Although, this love is very short.

In fact, all love is short-lived.

It is like fireworks, fleeting, either with the departure of the loved one, and disappear in the memory, or with the love of the people together, and disappear in the firewood, rice, oil and salt. Perhaps the most important thing is not how long you hold it in your hand, but whether you really have it.

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