Blue Yingying: sorry, my efforts offended you!

 Blue Yingying: sorry, my efforts offended you!

LAN Yingying was ridiculed because, as a not so popular female star, she got the highest score in the first issue of sister riding the wind and waves.

She has a high degree of completion in this performance, and it is very convincing to get a high score.

But with the rise of the heat, LAN Yingyings past life is also being examined by the melon eating masses one by one with a magnifying glass.

Then, the book list she published was ridiculed by netizens, and the book she read was not high-level enough

Then I dont know why netizens deviated. From LAN Yingyings book list, LAN Yingying tried too hard and deliberately created the appearance that her ambition and desire were written on her face. It was not good enough.

Although actors are a special profession, they rely more on talent than other industries.

But is effort really worthless?

At least, for LAN Yingying, everything she has now is what shes striving for.

LAN Yingying has a good family background. She has a wide range of hobbies since childhood and has learned a lot of talents.

Her parents have been against her taking the art line, and LAN Yingying insists on choosing the Central Academy of drama.

At first, LAN Yingying, who had no professional training, was the crane tail of her class. However, by the time she graduated, she had succeeded in taking the first place in her major.

At the beginning of the play, Lan Ying didnt want to do her homework because she didnt want to do her homework.

But she still chose to stick to it. She got up at 6 oclock every day and went to the playground to practice basic skills.

At the same time, I started to meet with the group, submitted resumes again and again, auditioned, and was rejected Until she was 19, she received the role of huanbi.

There is a joy of success, the original effort is really useful!

After huanbi, LAN Yingying went back to school to have a solid class. At the same time, in many plays, she played against the old actors and learned how to be a good actor.

Its not that she doesnt know the limitations of her appearance.

But also did not lose confidence because of being attacked not beautiful enough and no protagonist face.

On the contrary, he objectively evaluated himself

I think I look pretty good on the outside, and because Im fuzzy, Im more malleable.

Does she really have no talent?

If you dont have a little talent, you cant have that much appeal.

Looks are really blue Yingying short board, but in the end what is called female master face?

At the beginning, Zhao Liying has been questioned by people all the time. She has no female master face. Her round face is not big enough and can only act as a servant girl?

Zhao Liying said she was unconvinced. Why should an actors value be defined because of her face shape.

So I can only work on the role silently, waiting for the opportunity to appear, do not let me seize the opportunity, once there is certain to seize it.

Finally, Zhao Liying waited until the legend of Lu Zhen, which proved that round face can also play the role of the female leader.

Is hard work really useless?

Zhao Liying has spent more than ten years to prove that she is an ordinary girl who graduated from a secondary school. Her appearance does not meet the requirements of the eldest daughter. She has no resources and contacts

She was attacked by others because of her poor education background, low EQ and unable to speak. She seized every opportunity with diligence and hard work, and became the great mistress of her own life.

Netizens attack LAN Yingying, deliberately in the creation of efforts.

But in my opinion, she is just a girl who takes life seriously and loves to share her life.

But sometimes, its not a bad thing to have a sense of purpose and try to achieve it.

In order to keep fit, you should practice the waistcoat line.

Not only has a beautiful line, on the stage of sister Lang, a lot of movements of LAN Yingying are clean and neat.

When you are in love, you dont like to hide. When you are with Cao Jun, from the public to the break-up, every node is candid. There is no forcing, no cheating, no junior, no throwing dirty water and attacking each other

On the contrary, what they remember are the beautiful moments of their love. They keep fit together, learn English together, and share the wonderful things in life together.

Pay always has a harvest, LAN Yingying has been learning English.

If she didnt speak fluent English, she would not have a chance to get a role in a Hollywood movie, let alone an audition for Mulan.

LAN Yingying has been taking every opportunity she can seize seriously. Even if she is preparing for a short action play, she will train intensively for a long time.

In the birth of the actor, she said:

I think I am a person who is making progress and absorbing slowly. It doesnt matter if I dont have enough now, but I believe it will be better than now. Let the audience see and say, Im serious about acting. Im an actor.

LAN Yingyings efforts, for many people, is an offence.

For most ordinary people, gripping their teeth, climbing up regardless of the consequences, and running forward towards the goal of their hearts expectation, is somewhat ferocious and not beautiful enough.

What the audience expects is someone who can be silent for a long time, spend all his time out of sight, and then hold back and wait for the right time to make a big move to blind peoples eyes.

And you pay those sweaty, crying, not perfect, not decent appearance, really not many people want to see.

Even, in the eyes of many people, LAN Yingying wrote those things on her target list.

For example: sticking to English clock in, reading several books, writing several articles, watching several movies, going to several countries

Is it too trivial and vulgar?

For LAN Yingying, what she shares are her own interests and hobbies, learning ceramics, illustration, eucalyptus, rock climbing, Boxing

Not to show off their versatility, but to constantly experience new things, constantly add new experiences, and expand new boundaries.

Although sometimes, I hate people who always talk about effort and self-discipline. However, it is more disgusting to advocate admit it, you are an ordinary person, and efforts are useless.

Many netizens cited LAN Yingyings logic as follows:

LAN Yingying, you are just an ordinary person. 90% of the entertainment industry depends on your appearance and talent. No matter how hard you try, its useless! LAN Yingying, you see, you work so hard, but you still cant get the big producer. Whats the matter? LAN Yingying, no matter how hard you try, you cant change the fact that your audience is not well received. You will have an unpleasant face! LAN Yingying, dont read any more books. You can see that all you see is rubbish success study, which exposes your taste of low? LAN Yingying, you dont need to learn English. How about your good English? Do you like Liu Yifei? How did you audition? Hua Mulan was brushed

Whats the use of trying?

If you try hard, you cant compare with the second generation? Genius?

Is it not good for me to be a salted fish quietly?

In the adult world, is effort really useless?

With a beautiful face, amazing talent, and strong background, you can lie at home in peace and contentment, with good opportunities, good projects and good resources Would you like to hand it over?

Even those who hold a good card, do not pay enough hard and effort, will also break the card.

How much flow of coffee, in the circle in the rotten film, the works, one after another to fight the street?

How many talented actors and actresses become famous when they are young, squander the opportunity to deliver them to their homes, die of drunkenness, and finally run out of aura, so that they are inferior to ordinary people?

What LAN Yingying has got today is not top-notch,

However, she has always been performing. She has a good reputation in the industry. She has made a lot of variety shows. Even the female host has also performed

If you dont work hard, will someone take the initiative to give it to you?

Those who laugh at LAN Yingyings effort are really naive.

Really, I want to tell all the girls,

But, for the sake of my dream and becoming the person of my dream, I have to struggle,

Even if its a fall over and over, its not humiliating at all.

I dont want to give anything. I envy others for everything,

At the same time, they laugh at those who have worked hard in the world,

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