Eating instant noodles in the first-class carriage of high-speed rail and being rejected as uncivilized is really ugly

 Eating instant noodles in the first-class carriage of high-speed rail and being rejected as uncivilized is really ugly

Although Ah Mei has never been in a first-class carriage before, she has never heard that instant noodles are not allowed on high-speed rail. Besides, eating instant noodles by train is the custom of ordinary Chinese people. Did I get in the way of instant noodles? My ticket price should already include instant noodle fee. Can I only eat high-speed railway box lunch?

Aunt next to the uncle, also echoed, lack of tutoring. I want instant noodles and go to the second class. First class cars are people with literacy. Since you are here, you should abide by the civilization of first-class cars. If you cant afford a box lunch, please say, Ill buy you one.

Ah Mei thought that I was a white-collar worker in the city. I ate instant noodles and was ridiculed by others. I didnt have literacy and tutoring. These people are sitting in the first-class seats, and they really regard themselves as first-class people? Is instant noodles only good for second class?

The more she thought about it, the more angry she became. She continued to eat instant noodles and counterattack them. If you eat the box lunch of high-speed rail, the smell is worse. Im sorry, I eat instant noodles. Its not against the law. You dont need to attack yourself. The gang shook their heads in contempt.

Ah Mei couldnt eat any more. She picked up instant noodles and threw them into the garbage can. Ah Mei sent this unpleasant incident to her circle of friends and ate instant noodles on the high-speed rail. Did she look very poor? Do you look like youre not well bred? As a result, the circle of friends fried pot, friends have left messages.

A friend left a message: May, you may be wrong this time. No one cares about instant noodles in the second-class carriage of high-speed rail, but it seems that instant noodles cant be eaten in the first-class compartment? Some friends immediately refuted in the back: you can eat instant noodles on airplanes. Why not eat instant noodles on high-speed rail? There are also some people following the placard: the subway clearly stipulates that eating is not allowed, mainly confined space, or to keep the air fresh.

A friend left a message: these people use first-class seats and second-class seats to distinguish peoples grades, which is too snobbish. She also said that Ah Mui has no accomplishment and no tutor. This is her own face. She looks down on others with a dogs eye. She has high quality in a first class seat. People with this kind of thinking have no quality.