Pension is higher than monthly salary on the job? Come to tell you: understand these four points blush

 Pension is higher than monthly salary on the job? Come to tell you: understand these four points blush

Third, the monthly salary of retired second-line managers is higher than that of on-the-job employees. For example, a large-scale state-owned enterprise implements the second tier retirement system. The middle-level men who are 55 years old can retire from the second tier and go home, and the treatment is 80% of the average annual salary of the in-service middle-level. For example, the annual salary of in-service middle-level employees is 300000, and those who retire from the second tier can get 240000, which is higher than the annual salary of 60000 for on-the-job employees.

What do you think? Every family has a difficult lesson to read. Analyze the specific problems. Pension is higher than monthly salary on the job? Come to tell you: understand these four points blush. Is pension higher than salary reasonable? Fathers experience tells you: do not understand these four points, their own face.

First, the pension gap between regions is caused by historical reasons.

Second, compared with the pension of the elderly, young people are not eligible to compare.

This group of retirees are the parents of young people. They were born in the 1950s and 1960s, and their lives were very hard. After working, they were also in an era of low welfare and high intensity of work. In the era of rapid development and hot work, their monthly salary was only 30 or 40 yuan. The era owes them, and they get a higher pension after retirement, which is the compensation of the times. Young people really cant match.

Third, there is no need to compete among employees within the enterprise.

In a state-owned enterprise, the income of old employees after early retirement is higher than that of young employees. You have to think about it. If you dont improve the treatment for early retirement, who will sign up for early retirement? Everyone is crowded in the enterprise. If the enterprise cant be streamlined and efficient, it cant develop. Whats damaged is the future of young employees. After all, you still have to struggle in this enterprise for decades.

Fourth, the second-line retirement benefits are higher than those of the on-the-job employees, which is also allowed by the policy.

Old comrades are not willing to vacate their posts, how to promote the process of youth? Old comrades have made no mistakes and made historical contributions. They are in good health and energetic. Why should they be allowed to give up their posts? Retaining 80% treatment and letting old comrades quit their current posts is also the consideration payment for their transferred positions, which is conducive to the replacement of new and old enterprises and the innovation and development of enterprises.

To sum up, after reading the above four points, young peoples vision should not be limited to pension. You have a future, a prospect, and a broader space for improvement. Do you have to keep up with your fathers pension? Isnt your face red? Let your parents give you a lesson in history and development. You must compare yourself to the future, the future, the future, the health and the happiness.

If you still dont understand the above 4 points, stand in the corner and fight.