La Liga - Ramos saves Real Madrid 1-0 away win over Bilbao

 La Liga - Ramos saves Real Madrid 1-0 away win over Bilbao

The 23rd minute, Williams in the right road with the ball into the forbidden area after the volley hit high. In the 30th minute, the competition entered drinking time. The 35th minute, Arsenio cross was blocked out of the sideline. The 36th minute, Williams received the ball in the restricted area to get a single knife chance, he faced the attack kurtuwa cross shot higher than the beam, then the referee indicated Williams offside first. In the 39th minute, Raul Garcia jumped to block and kicked Marcellos thigh and was warned by the referee. The 41st minute, Williams takes the ball to break through in the right road, milleton blocks the position, kurtuva attacks to clear the ball. The first minute of make-up time, Arsenio left-wing cross, Benzema head deviation in front of the goal. At the end of the first half, Real Madrid drew 0-0 away from Bilbao.

At the beginning of the second half, in the 47th minute, Modric shot from the left outside the penalty area and was saved by goalkeeper Simon. In the 49th minute, Benzema couldnt turn and shoot after taking the ball in the forbidden area. The 54th minute, Bilbao athletic counterattack, Raul Garcia along the right road with the ball breakthrough after the pass, kurtuva in time to grab the ball before the other side. The first 57 minutes, Raul - Garcia in the forbidden area arc top shot was blocked out. In the 59th minute, milliton was trampled on his arm by Williams. In the 60th minute, Rodrigo crossed the side and cooperated with his teammates, then broke through with a single knife, but stopped the ball slightly, and goalkeeper Simon went out to get the ball.

The 62nd minute, the Real Madrid opens the right corner kick, Ramos after the point head ball attacks the goal high. The 64th minute, Benzema zhisai, Rodrigos right baseline cross was cleared by the opponent. In the 71st minute, the referee went to the court to watch the VaR, and sentenced Dani Garcia to step on Marcellos foot in the forbidden area and awarded Real Madrid a penalty kick. Dani Garcia was also warned by a yellow card. The 73rd minute, Ramos penalty kick goal, Real Madrid 1-0 lead! In the 76th minute, the competition entered the drinking time. The 81st minute, the vinishius left road with the ball breakthrough after the ball out of the baseline. The 84th minute, Marquez shot high. The second minute of make-up time, Carmelo slipped and munyain was yellow card. At the end of the game, Real Madrid beat Bilbao 1-0 away.

Athletic Bilbao has 451:1-simon/21-capa, 5-yele (21nunez), 4-martinez, 17-belchiche / 10-muniyain, 8-lopez (63weisga), 14-dani-garcia (78senset), 22-raul-garcia, 11-cordoba (63de Marcos) / 9-williams (78villarrebray) Real Madrid 433:13-kurtuva/ 2-kawahar, 3-militang, 4-ramos, 12-marcelo / 10-modric, 14-casemiro, 15-balwade (85cross) / 27 Rodrigo (74basquez), 9-benzema, 20-arsenio (74veneius) source: Netease sports Author: Fu then editor in charge: Zhang Zenong_ NS5732

Real Madrid play 433: 13 - kurtuva / 2 - kawahar, 3 - milleton, 4 - Ramos, 12 - Marcelo / 10 - Modric, 14 - kasemiro, 15 - balwade (85 cross) / 27 - Rodrigo (74 Basquez), 9 - Benzema, 20 - Arsenio (74 venezius)