The first child born at the age of 70: the so-called youth has nothing to do with age, it is the way you try your best!

 The first child born at the age of 70: the so-called youth has nothing to do with age, it is the way you try your best!

But today we are going to talk about an old couple, whose husband is 65 and his wife is 70.

Can you live at 70? No, no, no, the first thing I should ask is, can I still be pregnant at the age of 70?

On the day of his retirement, he took the flowers sent off by his colleagues and reviewed his working life. He concluded that he has nothing to do with others, is not very progressive, has no children, and has no interesting life.

If he has children, he can work as a clerk and earn milk powder money. Unfortunately, he doesnt.

Originally, he thought that after retirement, he would often go to birdwatch and take photos with his friends, redecorate the kitchen for his wife, and the couple would spend the rest of their lives in peace and security.

But when she got home, his wife said shyly, Im pregnant..

When they told the news of pregnancy to only a few relatives and friends, everyone said: do not have children! Youre both old, and if youre ever short, youll be miserable.

The wife is obsessed with giving birth and has been looking forward to children since she got married. Until the age of 70, the baby finally came to her. If you miss the opportunity, there will be no next time in her life.

Her brother didnt agree, her husbands attitude is very ambiguous, she decided to divorce! I try to find a way by myself and never give anyone any trouble.

In terms of women, the medical field classifies childbirth over 35 years old as elderly maternal, while the protagonist in the play is regarded as the super elderly maternal unprecedented in the history of natural pregnancy.

The husband is most concerned about the risk of pregnancy and childbirth. If he has to take the life of his wife to give birth, he would rather not.

Doctors say women in their 70s and 20s face the same risk when it comes to having children alone.

In this case, the couple decided to work together to raise their children to the last day of their lives.

The process of waiting for labor is still warm. I feel the lively rhythm of the fetus in the abdomen. I went to the novice parents class to learn how to change diapers and take a bath for the newborn. I took this opportunity to make new friends of the same novice couple. I have expectations and its wonderful.

But having a baby safely is just the beginning of an unprecedented crisis.

At present, it is suitable for the elderly to live a healthy life as long as the health care is improved.

However, taking care of the newborn completely disrupts the daily work and rest, not to mention the dramatic changes in hormones in the body. Even young and strong mothers of the right age will have a series of postpartum symptoms, which are very hard to endure, let alone the 70 year old woman.

The Japanese family is usually the man is in charge of the outside and the woman is in charge of the interior. The old man does not know anything about housework. The more he helps, the more he helps.

The wife just wants to drive this impeding man out of the house, but the family and the baby are quiet.

Finally, she taught her husband to do housework from scratch. With the help of neighbors and friends, as well as social welfare and care institutions, she stumbled and raised her children to kindergarten at the age of three. Her hard-earned happy life collapsed in an instant.

Japan is an aging society, and many people are still working after retirement.

Even if you are a leader in the company before retirement, you can only work as a cleaner after retirement. There are a large number of young white-collar workers competing for jobs, and there is no opportunity for the elderly.

In his latest physical examination, he was found to have gastric cancer and needed surgery.

At the same time, after visiting her husband in the hospital, his wife led her little daughter across the road, and the child suddenly ran away. Her mother fell down and broke her bone.

Both parents are in hospital, and the child is fostered in a young couples home. Such a small person, crying secretly in the quilt, is really tears.

It is said that motherhood is just. Before the fracture, the wife is indeed the backbone of the family, and the little daughter is taken good care of by her, like a little angel.

Maybe its parenting that fills up her time, and she has more chances to think in hospital.

The collapse of adults is silent. The shock of her illness was more psychologicalu2014u2014

What if I didnt take my daughter well, she ran out and was hit by a car and died? What if I fall again and fracture how to do? Should the daughter be given to a young couple for adoption to avoid these problems?

However, his daughter, who had been fighting for her life, was really willing to give her away?

Of course, they dont want to spend too much time with themselves before they have children.

Real problems are far more difficult than imagination.

When a mother wrestles, she will be broken. A little girl will be trained to be a stable and sensible child. She must firmly hold her mothers hand and cant run around.

This special Laolaizi family, to maintain a happy life, is bound to need to pay more than their peers.

But what about that?

Happiness has always been defined by ourselves, no matter how hard it is, as long as a family of three is well together, hard life is good!

Whats more, starting to raise children in their 70s, from another perspective, its a return to youth

It seems common to be pregnant and have children. There are so many unusual families out of our sight.

Today, with the progress of society, we should have a broader vision, more diversity and more tolerance. We should not become a mob without independent thinking ability

Its beautiful to work hard

Bench elder sister Li slowly