The simpler the poem is, the more peaceful it is

 The simpler the poem is, the more peaceful it is

Life is always cumbersome. When a chicken feather becomes an unavoidable daily life, it still retains the original intention to place poetry and warmth, which is precious. Life is not simple, but we can try to live as simple as possible.

Wei and Jin Dynasties: Tao Yuanming

Meng Xia has long vegetation and trees around the house.

I love my house.

Poor Lane separated by deep ruts, quite back to the old car.

The light rain comes from the East, and the wind is with it.

A general survey of the biography of the king of Zhou,

Liuguan mountain and sea.

Looking down at the end of the universe, what can we do if we are not happy?

In the summer, the vegetation is luxuriant and everything is growing wildly. The green trees surround the house, and the birds are happy as if they have sustenance. I love my cottage like them.

After farming, I often go back to the thatched cottage, away from the hustle and bustle, quietly reading my favorite books. Drinking spring wine happily, picking vegetables in the garden, feeling the drizzle coming from the East, mixed with fresh wind; with interest, turning through the biography of King Zhou and the map of mountains and seas, and looking up to the heaven and earth and the universe in the book, what can be happier than this?

The old man Village

Tang Dynasty: Meng Haoran

Old man with chicken millet, invited me to the Tian family.

The green trees are close to the village, and the green hills are outside the country.

Open Xuan face garden, wine talk mulberry hemp.

When it comes to Chongyang day, there will be chrysanthemums.

Two poems of Mr. shuhuyin

Song Dynasty: Wang Anshi

Flowers and trees are planted by hand.

One water will protect the field and make it green,

Two mountains line up to send green.

Although I lived in a hut like a thatched cottage, there was no moss in the house and yard because of frequent cleaning.

In the courtyard, the plants and trees are well planned, which is carefully cultivated by the host. Outside the courtyard, streams surround the farmland. Isnt that the case?

Partridge Sky, forest break mountain, bamboo hidden wall

Song Dynasty: Su Shi

The bamboo wall is hidden in the forest.

According to the water, the water is red and the fragrance is fine.

Chenopodium canescens moves slowly into the setting sun.

At the end of the woods, a green hill can be seen clearly. The house is surrounded by green bamboos in the distance. There is a small pond full of withered grass in the yard. Lotus flowers are all over the pool, sending out a soft fragrance. In the setting sun, I walk near the ancient city wall with my canes in my hand, enjoying the beautiful rural scenery quietly. Fortunately, last night, the Dragon King graciously fell a good rain, today the weather is cool, really make money.

Huanxi sand, a boat scroll painting curtain

Song Dynasty: Huang Tingjian

A boat rolls up a curtain.

The old wife learns to drink and chat.

The poems are full of Jiangnan.

The apes under the forest peep at the inkstone,

The cuckoo sounds like a ring.

Riding in a boat, I was rocking on the river. I sat down with my wife, drinking and chatting, enjoying the picturesque scenery and writing poems at the same time. When washing inkstones by the water, there are naughty monkeys in the woods looking around curiously. When the sails are pulled in, deer lie in front of the rocks to join in the fun. Such a life is leisurely and interesting.

Song Dynasty: Zhou Bangyan

After the plum rain, the summer wind is warm. There are many cicadas in high willows.

Small garden terrace Pavilion far pool wave. Fish play with new lotus.

Muslin kitchen, light feather fan. The pillow is cold and the mat is cool.

Rare sunny day, I also put up the gauze curtain, gently shake the feather fan, lying on the bamboo mat only feel cool and comfortable. At this time, the mood is as clear and bright as the sky at this time, just like the little fairy who has nothing to do in the sky.

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