Husband and wife novel coronavirus pneumonia, wife died, survived husband wrote 3500 words commemorative article

 Husband and wife novel coronavirus pneumonia, wife died, survived husband wrote 3500 words commemorative article


Before the Spring Festival, we went from Wuhan to Xiantaos hometown to sweep the graves of our parents. When Wuhan was closed, we stayed in Xiantao. Novel coronavirus pneumonia was infected with my wife and Yao Aixian on what occasions. On February 1, I began to cough. On February 2, I felt weak. On February 4, that is the day of spring, we went to the hospital for examination. After CT angiography and nucleic acid detection, we were admitted to the first peoples Hospital of Xiantao City. I was diagnosed and Lao Yao was suspected. I quickly called people who had contact with us in recent days. One was to inform us that we were hospitalized, and the other was to remind them to pay attention to isolation and observation. But none of the people contacted was infected.

In this kind of environment, can only lie on the bed infusion, staring at that minute more than 100 drops of each drop in a daze. At this time, I want to make a diagnosis, live in, that is, life has entered the battlefield of life and death, whether or not to live out depends on drug treatment and their own immunity. I think, in the face of illness, in the face of life and death, to prepare for the worst. However, to take out the best mental state, to live tenaciously, must cooperate with the doctors treatment, must insist on eating more, enhance immunity.

Just when I was worried and my thoughts were mixed, an old leader called me from Wuhan and said: first, we should face the reality and adjust our mentality; second, we should insist on eating and exercising to enhance our resistance; third, we should cooperate with doctors in treatment; fourth, we should pay attention to the details of every change of the body. We should not only communicate with doctors in time, but also adjust the changes of the body in time. This remark made me suddenly clear. As a result, I insisted on eating up all the food I had delivered. After infusion, I insisted on walking back and forth in a very limited ward, especially the word fine. It reminded me that viruses and bacteria are pervasive. We should seriously feel the subtle changes in our body and actively do self-regulation. For example, when the throat is itchy and you are coughing, drink a strong loquat syrup immediately to suppress cough; when you have chest tightness, drink warm boiled water immediately; when you are short of breath, turn on the oxygen switch slightly


On February 8, I opened wechat, and the circle of friends was full of happy wishes for the Lantern Festival. I only knew it was the Lantern Festival on the 15th day of the first month.


The Lantern Festival is the most popular festival in the first month. It is said that Lantern Festival is noisy, dragon lantern dance, riddle guessing and color boat rowing. People think that the harder the Lantern Festival is, the more dynamic and static the harvest will be. However, the new coronavirus infection, so that people can not go out home. This years Lantern Festival gives people the feeling is special quiet, quiet strange, quiet can be shot.

I was hospitalized for half a month. Although I was only confined to the ward for injection and medication, the behaviors of doctors, nurses, disinfection and garbage removal workers in Xiantao first peoples Hospital warmed me and moved me.

Liu Anning, who is in charge of my hospital bed, calls me about 8:30 a.m. to inquire about my condition. The tone of her greeting and the tone of her concern make people feel relaxed after listening to her. She really feels that the language can drive away the chilly spring immediately. Inadvertently, I revealed my worry to Dr. Liu Anning: my wife Yao Aixian did not contact for two days. She was critically ill on the ventilator and was very worried. At 18:15 p.m., Dr. Liu called. She went to bed B25 on the second floor of the north of the infected area to find Lao Yao, and listened to the treatment advice of his attending doctor. At present, her condition is stable. To tell you the truth, I am very moved. When a doctor who is not familiar with her reveals a kind of demand unconsciously, she does it consciously. This sense of responsibility, this kind of comradeship, and the professional ethics of the medical workers who strive for improvement are admirable!

After the infusion bottle drip, we should always press the pager. The nurses all arrived at the first call. My vein was very thin and the needle leaked three times. The nurses were patiently looking for the venous tube. Later, I learned that the nurses goggles sometimes fogged up and could not be seen at all. We had to overcome many difficulties to complete the task.

The young nurses were all armed and inconvenient to move, but they were quick, conscientious and meticulous in their work. What they saw in their goggles was the flicker of their big black eyes and their mouth was constantly comforting the patients. I dont know them. On their protective clothing, it says: Deng Dan, Xia Yun, Gong maoqiong, Zhang Hongxia, Wang Mengqi, Yang Ke, Zhang Fang, Peng Daiyun, Xu Caiyun, Deng Hui and so on. They are all in military uniform, running away with a heart of serving patients.

The disinfection team, the delivery team and the garbage cleaning team are all full body protective clothing. From the words maternal and child health care, an oasis written on the protective clothing, they should be volunteers from the maternal and child health care hospital. They carry heavy disinfection spray boxes on their backs and disinfect room by room, and never let go of a small corner.

One of the most dangerous jobs can be regarded as a doctor who extracts saliva from the patients throat for nucleic acid test. The patient should stretch his tongue, open his mouth and cough hard. If the patient spits out saliva, it will directly spray on the face of the sampler. This is the most vulnerable link. However, our medical students are bold and careful, and implement it one by one.


How many times have you asked

Who is the most beautiful in life

How many tears flow through the United States

Just harvest the taste of happiness

Industrious and kind you are the most beautiful

You are the most beautiful with broad mind

You are the most beautiful

You are the most beautiful and the most beautiful in the world

You are the most charming stamen in the flower

How many times do you shed moving tears

In my heart, you are the most beautiful

The most beautiful


Due to the medical staffs full treatment, I was negative for four times of nucleic acid test, and the result of CT examination was normal. I was discharged successfully on February 18. According to the relevant regulations, I will be isolated in the designated hotel for 14 days, and then go home to observe for 14 days.

On February 19, my wife Yao Aixian sent incoherent wechat messages at 5:00 a.m. I felt very uneasy. I quickly called the relevant personnel and answered, the ventilator has been on for a week, and the doctor will try his best to intubate today. From these words, I feel that Lao Yaos condition is serious.

I put forward two requests to the hospital. One is whether I can extract serum from me and inject it to Lao Yao. Our blood type is O; the other is whether I can go to her side for nursing care. The answer was that the serum question requires people under 60 years old to be extracted 14 days after discharge, and I am not qualified. Nursing problems, because the virus is a strong infection, no one is allowed to be around. I am an old Party member. I stress discipline, obey rules and obey the overall situation. I know that we cant break the rules of epidemic prevention and treatment. We should believe that the medical staff will do their best to cure and believe in miracles.

In a week, I couldnt eat or sleep. My wife always appeared in front of me. I hated that the fierce new coronavirus had taken my wifes life. I felt guilty that I had missed the promise that I would never make up for traveling with my wife. I regret that my wife is only 66 years old. Its time for me to enjoy the happiness of our family, but she left us forever. In the extreme pain, I wrote an article Miss Yao Aixian.

Mr. Lu Xun said: long song when crying, must be in pain after.. A disaster is a process of great waves scouring sand. It is a naked screening of all peoples physique, cognition, conscience, soul and values. We should reflect. Only by moving and reflecting can we go further. We should firmly believe in the leadership of the Communist Party of China. Under the leadership of the party, there are no insurmountable difficulties. To see the superiority of our socialist system, when one side is in trouble, all sides support it, unite as one, unite as one, and gather the strength of the nation in the storm. At the same time, we should reflect on how to cherish the present, how to treat our relatives, how to tolerate others, how to adjust our mentality in the face of difficulties, and how to pay attention to health. Let us improve our memory and wisdom in reflection.

When we look for the waterfront of Fangsi in the sun, the boundless scenery is new. When you know the east wind, its always spring After reading the poem spring day written by Zhu Xi in Song Dynasty, one can feel that after experiencing the deep-rooted crisis and hanging cold in the late spring, spring is still colorful, colorful, fragrant, green and beautiful!