Xu Yiyang: is it difficult to smooth out the eight meanings in the Creation Camp? No, its just the beginning of your journey

 Xu Yiyang: is it difficult to smooth out the eight meanings in the Creation Camp? No, its just the beginning of your journey

Dont say Liu Yining cried like tears, too many people think its too bad? Is it because Zhang Yifans company is too strong? This vote still needs the support of the founders. If there is no inside story, we should not make such an early conclusion. But data is always data, and popularity is always popularity. Xu Yiyangs voice was so high, but he got a card eight? Its hard for too many people, right? Moreover, the seventh place or comprehensive strength is not as good as Xu Yiyangs Zhang Yifan. This is even more unacceptable, at least at present.


Xu Yiyang stood on the stage, looking very depressed. Huang Zi Tao, her boss and long Taos entertainment, is not so good either. Hearing the published list, he was already indifferent. Unbelievable, isnt it? Although he is the mentor of Creation Camp 2020, Xu Yiyang does not have any privileges, OK? She did what she should do, even because she was Huang Zitaos company artist, was a bit black. But Xu Yiyang still held on, even in the later stage, his performance became better and more prominent. Is it too late? In a word, its a pity to be defeated.


Yes, you can say its nothing. If you cant form a group, you can hold the whole court by yourself. Its not a big blow for the 16-year-old female art troupe. And now shes 23 years old. These years, never give up the original heart, give up the dream. However, it still blooms and bears no fruit. Whats more, its embarrassing to end the stage of creative camp 2020. No one will be reconciled. But she lost very calmly and said she would continue to work hard.


Xu Yiyang

In the past, I felt that I couldnt do anything other than to be a womens League. I felt that I needed the protection of the group, which made me feel safe. But now its different. Now I have you. I believe you, my company and myself. I believe that Xu Yiyang is not only a womens League. I believe Xu Yiyang can go on well. Finally, I want to say, I did not kneel to walk, we stood up, in the future I will always stand the wind scenery light go down! Would you like to accompany me?


Huang Zitao, the boss, then sent a letter to comfort Xu Yiyang

Come on, Xu Yiyang, today I am not your coach, but as a boss, I will grow up with you in the future! Xu Yiyang is shining everywhere. @Creative camp 2020 - Xu Yiyang

Long Tao entertainment is not small, but we are relatively low-key.

There is no need to brag before things are done.

Ha, very Tao style language.


Xu Yiyang, do you hear me? Did you see that? Your flower road is just beginning now, come on!