Xinhua News Agency: Guangdong Hongyuan shows its champion strength with few rivals

 Xinhua News Agency: Guangdong Hongyuan shows its champion strength with few rivals

The first phase of the CBA rematch ended, and the special status of epidemic prevention and control made the CBA rematch receive much attention. With the joint efforts of all parties concerned, the 15 day race was successfully completed in a safe and orderly environment.

In the first stage, there are many bright spots in the game. Although most foreign aid cant return for some reasons, the intensity of the game has not been reduced. Local players who have gained more space seize the opportunity to achieve collective outbreak. A number of unknown players play high level, which makes people have more expectations for the future of Chinese basketball.

Safety: comprehensive protection helps the League to advance smoothly

On the penultimate day of the first phase of the rematch, Guangdong team had a special link before the match against Jiangsu team. Zhong Nanshan, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, and his wife Li Shaofen were invited to the stadium. The anti epidemic propaganda film was broadcast on the scene to pay tribute to the medical staff working in the front line. Yao Ming, President of the Chinese Basketball Association, presented the two men with a special version of the No. 36 Jersey representing their year of birth.

From the salutation ceremony of each team in the first match of the rematch to the must win shirt worn by each team in the first game of the rematch, we can see that this rematch is unusual. The significance of CBA surpassing basketball is to fight against epidemic and help to resume work.

Security is the top priority of the league. Before the start of the second round, the CBA League drew up a comprehensive and thorough work plan for epidemic prevention and control. For the convenience of knowing and understanding, six kinds of practical manuals for epidemic prevention and control were formulated for different participants. As the core participants of the club, team personnel, is the focus of epidemic prevention and control management.

In the Qingdao competition area, the organizer selected 10 medical and nursing personnel and 15 epidemic prevention and killing personnel to form a medical killing team. The staff carried out large-scale killing and ventilation to the venues twice a day, and killed the venues, functional areas and facilities and equipment after each game. All entrances and exits, functional rooms are equipped with non washing disinfectant and disinfectant wipes, and all areas of the venue are also equipped with special garbage cans for medical waste.

CBA issued two tickets to the players who violated the rules, which played a role in regulating the behavior of participants. Epidemic prevention and control is the responsibility of everyone. We hope that every participant can strictly abide by the relevant management regulations, which is responsible for themselves and everyone, said the CBA league leader

With the joint efforts of all parties, the first stage of the second round was completed safely and smoothly. Behind each competition, there was the hard work of the epidemic prevention personnel from all sides.

Highlights: Guangdong shows champion phase and strong teams meet challenges

On the field, the League pattern is in constant change. The top eight places are in a state of dramatic adjustment, but one exception is the defending champion Guangdong team.

Although foreign aid marchan Brooks failed to return to the team, the Guangdong team, which was single foreign aid, still maintained its strength since the beginning of this season. The first stage of the game was invincible and won the total victory record, which expanded the winning record of this season to 21 games. In the face of the Beijing control team, which had chosen himself out of the team this season, Guangdong team played its main force, and it took less than two quarters to open the difference to more than 30 points. Yi Jianlian, who scored 20 points in the competition, also succeeded in surpassing Liu Wei to become the scoring king of CBA history regular season.

At present, Guangdong team has strong troops and high morale. It is expected to lock in the first place in the regular season as soon as possible. Which team can overturn Guangdong will be the biggest point in the second phase of the second round.

Xinjiang team, which ranked second before the rematch, played with the all China squad. Although the lineup led by Zhou Qi was still strong, their road to the rematch was not smooth. Facing the formidable enemy Beijing team, Xinjiang team was restrained by the other sides defense, only 67 points. Six days later, in the face of the League bottom Bayi team, Xinjiang team was in a passive position, and was finally outdone by the opponent. After two defeats, Xinjiang team still ranked second, but the gap with Guangdong team was further widened.

Liaoning team, which also aims to win the championship, encountered more difficulties. After losing three of the first four games after the second round, Guo Shiqiang, the meritorious coach, resigned. After a lot of setbacks, the Liaoning team, which originally ranked third, dropped to seventh and gradually left the championship group.

The two teams of Beijing Shougang and Beijing Holding Co., Ltd. performed relatively well. Under the sustained and stable performance of Lin Shuhao, Beijing Shougang successively defeated Liaoning, Xinjiang, Zhejiang and other strong rivals, and successfully entered the top three in the scoreboard at the end of the first stage. North control, however, played steadily and occupied the fifth place in an uneven lineup. Zhejiang Guangxia and Zhejiang Chouzhou occupy the fourth and sixth place respectively.

Judging from the current situation of competing for the championship, the powerful Guangdong team has few opponents, while the other teams have their own problems. However, due to the shortened playoff schedule this season, Guangdong team still cant take it lightly under the system of single defeat elimination and three win two wins.

Surprise: local players frequently surprise performance

The absence of foreign aid objectively makes local players get more space to release energy. In the daily best local player list of the League official statistics, there have been times when local players scored more than 30 points in a single game, and even the twins Ren Junwei and Ren Junfei, who worked in Shanxi and Guangdong respectively, scored 30 points in a single game.

Hu Jinqiu of Zhejiang Guangxia team has won the data of 20 + 10 in five consecutive games since the second round. Yuan Tangwen, who graduated from Xiamen University and was selected by Sichuan team as the third place in the CBA draft in 2019, has made a stunning performance of 16 assists and 14 assists in a single game. Cheng Shuai Peng of Zhejiang Chouzhou team made 16 of 22 shots in the match against Nanjing Tongxi team, scoring 43 points.

In addition to the new players, there are also some highlights in the performance of the Mesozoic players. Yi Jianlian is still old and hot, first surpassing Tang Zhengdong to become the CBA regular season rebounding king, and then surpassing Liu Wei to become the scoring king of the regular season in the game against Beikong. Since the second round, Fujian star Wang Zhelin has shown the terror and lethality of the interior line, and has become one of the most dominant local interior lines in the league. Xinjiang interior Zhou Qi also played a key role in the team, he was also elected CBA player of the 12th week with an average of 27 points and 15.7 rebounds.

The absence of foreign aid, to some extent, is a kind of helplessness, but the surprise gained in helplessness also makes people look forward to the future of the league. In 2020-2021 season, CBAs foreign aid policy will usher in a change. The maximum number of foreign aid players in each team is two, four in four, and one in each quarter (only one foreign aid is on the field at any time). The trial of CBA in this half season will provide reference and reference for the future foreign aid system design of the league and the use of foreign aid by each team.

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