Zhongxin.com: CBA meets the fierce fight for four card battle, 5 teams fight for 2 places

 Zhongxin.com: CBA meets the fierce fight for four card battle, 5 teams fight for 2 places

Model of epidemic prevention measures

After the outbreak of the second round, the first thing to be concerned about is the epidemic prevention measures inside and outside the stadium.

Only from the perspective of the field epidemic prevention measures, CBA has developed a relatively complete regional epidemic prevention measures. The competition venue is divided into green, yellow and blue areas: the green area is the core personnel of the competition such as athletes, coaches and referees; the yellow area and blue area are the relay, work, support and service personnel of the event. All zones are independent and cross regional contact is prohibited.

It is worth mentioning that in the first stage of the competition, not only the pre competition epidemic prevention measures were improved, but also the epidemic prevention system was strictly implemented during the competition. Zhao Rui, a player of Guangdong team, was once fined 10000 yuan and suspended for three matches for violating the regulations on the prevention and control of League epidemic situation in the hotel and contacting the personnel with yellow certificates.

Coincidentally, Guo Allen also received a written warning from CBA company for not wearing a mask when seeing off the team manager and Uncle Guo Shiqiang.

Now that the start date of CSL has been set, although the anti epidemic measures in the competition can not be called copying homework, it is bound to take CBA League as a reference. Zhong Nanshan also said that the epidemic prevention measures of CBA will become a model for CSL and other leagues. However, the epidemic prevention scheme implemented by CBA in the first stage after the second round is more impressive than that of the competition.

All China classes bring new perspectives

The improvement of epidemic prevention measures does not mean that the field is boring. On the contrary, the uncertainty caused by various changes after the rematch makes the field confrontation and the great changes in the scoreboard more attractive.

In the first stage, the biggest concern of the venue is the long lost all China class. Among the 20 teams, as many as 11 teams gave up foreign aid and chose all Chinese teams to play. This is a scene that CBA has never seen for a long time with the rising level of foreign aid.

In this context, there are foreign players like Wu Qian and Wang Zhelin leading the team, and young people like Zhu Xuhang and Yuan Tangwen seize the opportunity to take the top position. In addition to them, Ren Junwei, Wu guanxi, Li Yuanyu and other Mesozoic players also played an unexpected performance. The all China class, which might have been the second best choice, made the competition more interesting.

All kinds of signs make people expect more about the second stage of the game and even the playoffs. After all, the scene of local players being the masters has not been seen for a long time in the CBA playoffs.

Speaking of the most dazzling domestic players in the first stage, Im afraid not many people will take sun Minghuis name as the answer before the game starts. However, in the first stage, he seized the space and ball right left by the departure of foreign aid, playing the performance of top domestic players. People cant help but look forward to him, looking forward to whether he can continue the state, and also looking forward to the next game will be like him jump up.

The playoffs get stuck for the decisive battle

The end of the first phase of the game also means that for most teams, there are only eight games left before the end of the regular season, and the playoffs are just around the corner. However, the difference is, with the first stage of the end of the ranking, more fierce card battle seems to take place in the top half of the table.

At present, in addition to Guangdong and Xinjiang are still in the leagues top two position, the third to eighth place on the scoreboard have changed.

Beijing Shougang and Beijing Beikong have two foreign aid teams, although they did not take advantage of foreign aid as expected, but they gained more or less in the ranking.

Shougang climbed to the third place in the League on the closing day of the first stage, while Beiguan held the fifth place, but it also got the playoff qualification ahead of time, becoming the third team to lock the playoff seats ahead of time after Guangdong and Xinjiang.

After the second round, Guangxia, which had occupied the third place in the table for a long time, fell to the fourth place after losing to Zhejiang on the last competition day of the first stage. However, despite the ranking, in fact, Beijing, Guangxia and Beikong are all 25-13, and it is still uncertain how to rank next.

Zhejiang, which ranked sixth, was only one match behind them. Although Liaoning team fell rapidly, it was only 1.5 games short of the third ranked Shougang team.

According to the rules of the second round, the first round of the playoffs will be eliminated by single defeat, and the top four teams in the League will be empty in this round. This also means that in addition to Guangdong and Xinjiang at the front of the table, the rest of the 3-7 teams will be in fierce competition for the other two seats in the top four.

In contrast, the competition for playoff qualification is currently only between Fujian and Shenzhen.

After the first round of the game, Fujian team 19-19 record ranked in the 12th, they are two games ahead of Shenzhen, such a small gap also let the two teams for the opportunity to catch the last round of the playoffs.

It can be said that 15 days of trial operation for the CBA preliminaries opened a good start. After the first phase, there will be a three-day transition period, and then the last eight games of the regular season will be held in two districts of Qingdao. At that time, it will be a new environment, and the test of the team and the League will continue. (end)