A case of plague was confirmed in Inner Mongolia, which had been active in plague foci

 A case of plague was confirmed in Inner Mongolia, which had been active in plague foci

According to the Bayannur City Health Committee, on July 5, 2020, a herdsman in Wengeng Town, Wulat Middle Banner, Bayannaoer City, was confirmed as a case of bubonic plague by the expert group during the treatment in the peoples Hospital of Ulat Middle Banner. Before the onset of the disease, the patient had been active in the plague foci. At present, the patient has been isolated in the local hospital treatment, stable condition. Party committees and governments at the municipal and banner levels attach great importance to epidemic prevention and control, and relevant prevention and control measures have been implemented.

Experts remind the general public: in strict accordance with the requirements of three no three reports for plague prevention and control, earnestly do a good job in personal protection and improve self-protection awareness and ability.

1. Three nos: do not hunt animals of epidemic foci without permission, do not strip and eat animals of epidemic foci, and do not carry animals and their products out of epidemic areas without permission.

2. Three reports: to report the discovery of sick (dead) Marmota and other animals, to report suspected plague patients, to report the discovery of high fever patients with unknown causes and patients with acute death.

3. Should maintain good personal hygiene habits, try to avoid going to crowded places, to medical institutions or personal fever, cough and other related symptoms should be worn in time.

4. If you suspect that you have contact with the case, you can report to the local disease control department for professional guidance. If you have symptoms such as fever, cough, lymph node pain, hemoptysis or bleeding, you should seek medical advice in time.

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