What is the charm of Kate and Megan, who is regarded as the most beautiful princess?

 What is the charm of Kate and Megan, who is regarded as the most beautiful princess?

Beatrice Borromeo, whose height is 177cm, has been on the cover of vogue magazine in Italy and is a famous model in Italy.

Regardless of her prominent family background, Beatrice itself is Bai Fumei. In 2010, he graduated from Bocconi University in Italy with a degree in law and economics, and then went to Columbia University School of journalism to win a masters degree. Beatrice was a writer for Newsweek and the beast daily, and then a full-time reporter for the Italian daily de facto. She also had a number of TV programs, interviewing people in the political and social circles. She absolutely attached equal importance to beauty and wisdom.

After she married into the royal family, she did not quit her original job to enjoy the royal treatment, but continued to serve as a journalist to realize her ideal.

Because of its unique temperament, BUCCELLATI, a luxury brand, takes the position of spokesperson. The black-and-white blockbuster is full of high-level sense.

Not only are the people beautiful and smooth, but also the clothes are super high. Every appearance can bring people surprise, and each set of clothing has a unique charm.

When attending the event, she was a gorgeous and elegant princess, but she was very low-key in private. She liked simple and comfortable pieces and could match different styles.

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