40 kg of Oncomelania hupensis eggs

 40 kg of Oncomelania hupensis eggs

Beiqing Daily reported that Pomacea canaliculata, also known as the giant snail, is an alien species, known as the giant snail. It has a large food intake and strong fecundity, which is very easy to damage the local wetland ecosystem and agricultural ecosystem. Eating inadequately heated Pomacea canaliculata will cause parasite infection such as Angiostrongylus cantonensis, resulting in headache, fever, neck stiffness and other symptoms. Severe cases can lead to dementia, Even death. In 2003, Pomacea canaliculata was listed by the State Environmental Protection Administration as one of the first 16 invasive alien species in China.

On July 1, a netizen released a message saying that a large number of eggs of Pomacea canaliculata were found in the Erhai Lake in Dali, Yunnan Province. They were worried that the snails had seriously invaded the Erhai Lake waters, and then the news aroused concern. In response to this, Dali Municipal Peoples government staff told Beiqing daily on July 5 that in fact, it has been many years since the birth of Pomacea canaliculata in Erhai Lake, and the local government has been carrying out activities to clean up the snails. We have recently cleaned up alien species such as Pomacea canaliculata and water hyacinth every year.

At the same time, on July 4, Dali Municipal Peoples government issued the Circular on comprehensively carrying out the prevention and control of Pomacea canaliculata in the Erhai Lake Basin. The notice said that in order to completely eliminate the Pomacea canaliculata and ensure the safety of the ecosystem, it decided to carry out a clean-up activity again. The main way of control was to remove the eggs of the snails manually, without using chemical agents It will last until the end of November this year. The circular also stipulates that anyone who takes the initiative to hand over the collected eggs to the local government or sub district office will be given a subsidy at the price of 40 yuan per kilogram..

Beiqing Daily reporter understands that in addition to Dali Er overseas, many domestic freshwater lakes have also been invaded by Pomacea canaliculata. In March this year, the Fuxian Lake Administration Bureau of Yuxi, Yunnan Province, reported that in mid September 2019, it had received the information from netizens that Pomacea crazily invaded Fuxian Lake. Yuxi city then formulated the work plan for cleaning and control of Pomacea canaliculata in Chengjiang County according to the territorial management u201dIn combination with the principle of graded responsibility, the management and control of Pomacea canaliculata was strengthened. A total of 55884.6 kg of adult snails and 5324 kg of snail eggs were purchased, 183 meters of barrier net was installed, 463 ducks were raised and 320 cubic meters of silt was removed. At the same time, we also organized the staff to conduct a net inspection on the entrance of the river channel, the outlet of the wetland and the remains of the exit fish pond in the Fuxian Lake first-class protection zone, and determined that Jianshan exit fish pond remains were the pilot sites to test the effectiveness of the control measures for Pomacea canaliculata. In other words, during the dry season, carpet search was carried out on the sludge of the fish pond ruins to destroy the wintering sites and hide in the mud for the winter The adult snails were removed.