Japanese media: Chinese coast guard ship cruises for 31 hours near Diaoyu Island

 Japanese media: Chinese coast guard ship cruises for 31 hours near Diaoyu Island

NHK: in the Senkaku (Diaoyu Island) sea area, the Chinese Coast Guard vessel intruded continuously for more than 31 hours, setting the longest historical record

NHK quoted Japans maritime security headquarters as saying that two Chinese coast guard ships arrived at the waters near Diaoyu Island from 2:00 am on the 4th. Until 9:00 am on the 5th, the two official ships were still sailing in the sea area 8-11 km southeast of Taisho island.

So far, the Chinese coast guard ship has been cruising for more than 31 hours, the highest since September 2012, NHK said.

Earlier, the Japanese coast guard patrol ship had issued a warning to the Chinese side over the discovery of a Chinese coast guard ship in the adjacent area of Diaoyu Island for 80 consecutive days, and the Japanese government had also expressed solemn protest to the Chinese side. In response, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said on July 3 that the Diaoyu Islands and its affiliated islands are Chinas inherent territory, and Chinas will and determination to safeguard its sovereignty are unswerving. It is Chinas inherent right to carry out cruise law enforcement in the Diaoyu Islands waters, and Japan has no right to gossip. We will never accept Japans so-called protest and demand that Japan immediately withdraw from Chinas waters, stop speculating on the Diaoyu Islands issue and not create new incidents.

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