Spaniards Outlook: the battle of relegation is imminent

 Spaniards Outlook: the battle of relegation is imminent

The two teams have only played seven times in history, with the Spaniard 4-3 gaining the upper hand. The Spaniard lost 2-0 away in the first leg of the season.

Point 1: the loser cant escape the demotion

Point two: Wu Leis return to the starting line

Point 3: who can stop the decline

There is an absolute reason for the two teams to be in the bottom two of La Liga, because both sides have had very bad results recently. The Spaniard suffered four consecutive losses, five consecutive rounds. Leganese is not strong, six rounds after the La Liga rematch, leganese 2 draw 4 losses no win, nearly 2 rounds 1 point. The Spaniard is the worst team in La Liga, with only two wins in 16 games and five draws. Leganese also had a poor away performance, ranking third from the bottom in La Liga with only one win away. Leganese is the team with the least goals in La Liga and the least goals away from home.

Expected launch

Spaniards (4231): 13 Diego Lopez; 17 didak, 18 cafrera, 20 Bernardo, 34 Gomes; 21 Roca, 15 David Lopez; 33 Melamed, 14 merendo, 23 embarba; 11 de Thomas

Leganes (433): 1-quirreal; 5-silva, 3-bustinza, 4-omero, 16 Rosales; 19 etor, 23 Amadou, 8-recio; 26 Bryan, 9-guerrero, 33 avels

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