Record: talk about marriage according to my husband, five years after marriage, like a changed person

 Record: talk about marriage according to my husband, five years after marriage, like a changed person

However, if you dont plan ahead of time and dont agree on ownership when buying a house, you will face real estate disputes once there is a marriage crisis.

As a marriage and family lawyer, the vast majority of clients will be involved in the issue of real estate division.

But many times, people have to stick to the fact that:

There are a lot of women, clearly with her husband to buy a house together, but when the final divorce, they cant get a house! Obviously, it is a common marriage room, but when it comes to divorce, I have to go out of the house Such a situation is not rare!


Break up to know character, divorce to see human nature!

According to the traditional model, the man bought the house and the woman bought the furniture and decoration. Therefore, the husbands family invested 2 million yuan to buy a three bedroom house. Of course, the house was registered in the mans name. The little Su family naturally wants to give her daughter bonus points, luxury clothes

But in less than three years, my feelings changed!

Xiao Su thought that the property still had its own expenses, which were divided in proportion, at least 2:1. Now the house is worth 4 million yuan. If the husband compensates himself with more than 1.3 million yuan in discount, or if the house belongs to him, he can also compensate the other party by 2.7 million yuan, which is good for gathering and scattering!

However, it was sweet to buy a house, regardless of you and me, do not have to worry about, now is the painful distribution of housing, clear boundaries, haggling.

At that time, the house price of 2 million yuan has risen to more than 4 million yuan, which can be said to have doubled. But because its full money before marriage to buy a house, there is no small Sus share at all!

Although Xiao Su invested a lot of money in furniture for house decoration.

My husband said, the house decoration, willing to dismantle!

House furniture, husband said, willing to take away!

The original 1 million luxury decoration, three years later, decoration depreciation, furniture depreciation, the original 1 million, now there is no more than 400000! This is expected to be more than 1.3 million, the gap is large, we can imagine!

The marriage room that builds together, but fall to the end that close to pure body goes out of the door!!

But theres no way. Theres a reason, theres a result.

Everything is the result of planting when there is no planning in front of us, which leads to unbearable results.

Do not test human nature in front of interests. The huge temptation of money can easily make people crazy and ferocious.

Marriage is a cooperation. Keeping your own interests is the first priority

At that time, Xu Hua married Lin Shuai, who had a car and a house, which made everyone envious. After marriage, Xu Hua also lived a happy life of supporting his husband and his son, leaving all the financial rights to his husband.

Lin Shuai wanted to buy a second set of flats after his marriage. Xu Hua gave him his savings of 1 million without saying a word.

Lin Shuai bought a villa in his hometown in the name of his mother, and Xu Hua was also happy.

Lin Shuai invested in Hainan to buy a house, and Xu Hua did not object.

Anyway, investment and financial management to buy a house and sell a house, my husband is very good at making decisions, and he can enjoy himself and enjoy himself!

But later, her husband cheated and her feelings changed. She had to face the real estate division. Xu Hua just know, the truth of heart pricking!

Originally thought that the house which bought together, but became the husband one person real estate!

I thought I had a villa, but I became my mother-in-laws own property!

In those days, I bought the villa in the name of my mother-in-law. There was no agreement, no direct investment certificate, and my mother-in-law has lived all the time! The day before, he complained about his sons infidelity and asked his daughter-in-law to forgive him. The next day, he turned his face and said, if he wants a divorce, villa Hugh wants it, its his pension home!

I thought I owned Hainan real estate, but I dont know where the location is!

Make the mistake of most women, think that they are rich, have a lot of real estate, but the real estate is nowhere to know!!! There are many difficulties in protecting rights!

These heart piercing, even subversive examples of cognition are numerous!


From buying a house by marriage, changing a house after marriage, adding a name to a house by borrowing ones name, buying a house by borrowing ones name, agreement on real estate, and divorcing and distributing a house, every time a real estate appears, it carries a subtle legal logic. If you are not careful, you will fall into legal risk! An action will have a different legal effect!

As women, we always think that the emotional significance of marriage is far higher than the economic benefits. It is simply too vulgar to talk about money in front of sacred love.

But we forget that marriage has been a more binding business contract since ancient times.

For young men and women in traditional society, marriage has the following three functions:

1. Through marriage, they form a small production unit;

3. Form a home as a community of emotional communication.

The first two are economic functions, and the last is emotional functions. Moreover, this emotional function is not your love affair. It is still involved in family affairs.

Therefore, as a woman, to be responsible for the real estate is to be responsible for herself and marriage.

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