She wore a 3-yuan card and donated 70 million materials for the epidemic, which is a real luxury!

 She wore a 3-yuan card and donated 70 million materials for the epidemic, which is a real luxury!

Finally, when the media asked about this, Guo Jingjing was very confused

Then I dont need this. What do I use?

As long as FOK Qigang and Guo Jingjing go out, Hong Kong media will soon discover their whereabouts.

Guo Jingjing handbag Longchamp worth 450 yuan

However, the couple either shop around in the supermarket or pick up everything at the discount store. In their opinion, ordinary things can become news, and the couple cant laugh or cry.

However, when it is time for them to contribute, they are not stingy at all.

It is reported that during the outbreak, Guo Jingjing and Huo Qigang donated 70 million worth of materials. Guo Jingjing also volunteered for the United Nations Childrens fund, packing soap and masks.

So when many media think that Guo Jingjing is acting as a show, she doesnt read the news or read the newspaper. The latter will not be affected at all. Its like a heavy blow on cotton, so they have to leave bitterly.

Guo Jingjing is still living a low-key life, taking care of the most important children now, seizing every opportunity with Huo Qigang to make the children become better people.

When she retired in 2011, when asked whether she would enter the entertainment industry in the future, Guo Jingjing said:

Ive been entertained for so long. Let me go.

Independence and dependence

Last year, Guo Jingjing, who was rarely interviewed, came to support Deng Yaping, the elder sister of the national team. In the program, she told a story:

I remember that once we took our son to go fishing, but we didnt catch it all afternoon. My son said, Oh, mom, I dont think were here to fish. Were here to fish for garbage. You see, its all rubbish. How can we catch fish?

I felt very sad at that time. All the children could see this kind of environmental problem. Why should we (turn a blind eye) and how can we do something to change it?

Guo Jingjing has always been a warm-hearted person.

In 2008, Guo Jingjing donated her swimsuit to a charity auction held by Olympic stars for the Sichuan disaster area. The transaction price of 300000 yuan was only inferior to Zhang Yinings racket.

I think if I have a chance to do it and help other people, I would be happy to do it. This society has given me a lot, and I want to give back to the society.

If we say that being willing to help others has always been a characteristic of Guo Jingjing, but we can see the profound social problems behind it, Huo Qigang has played a more important role.

After the 2008 Olympic Games, Guo Jingjing fell into the contradiction of whether to hold on to another session. On the one hand, she believed that she could dance again. On the other hand, she felt that the Olympic champion had not attracted her enough. Finally, Huo Qigangs words moved her.

When an athlete is actually taken care of, it is always the family who arranges everything.

In Guo Jingjings opinion, she is a good athlete, but she cant do anything except diving.

So she stayed in the diving team until 2010. She made a decision and said to the team leader Zhou Jihong:

I dont want to be looked after all my life.

After retiring, Guo Jingjing began to learn how to cook, began to study business administration courses in Renmin University, how banks operate and what marketing is.

During that time, Huo Qigang has been giving her endless spiritual support, which makes Guo Jingjing, who may be a little confused, feel great encouragement.

Many people ask me about Huo Qigang, but few people really understand his efforts for me, and he has given me great support.

Nobility and commonness

Is there a lot of reaction to my retirement? I dont know. I dont read newspapers, I dont read news on the Internet. People can say what they like. I just want to retire quietly and be away from public view.

At the Athens Olympic Games, Guo Jingjing finally became the Olympic champion. However, it is not always flowers and applause after becoming famous.

Because of her private life and different views from the national team in terms of commercial endorsement, Guo Jingjings relationship with the media was very stiff after these events.

She finally learned to ignore the noise and protect herself. When she retired, she was asked what kind of life she wanted to live

To tell you the truth, I want to return to peace. Its better that no one knows me, and I can hang out in the street like a normal person. It must be very pleasant.

If it wasnt for the love affair with Huo Qigang, maybe the media would gradually forget her.

Guo Jingjing goes shopping for children at HK $20

Guo Jingjing handles parking tickets

When it comes to what she likes to eat, she likes to shoot cucumbers and scrambled eggs with tomatoes in the General Administration canteen. When it comes to clothes he likes to wear, sportswear and jeans + T-shirt are his first choice, because I can be free. I like that feeling.

This is my way of life. Its the way of life for normal people. Its no different.

It also includes Huo Qigang.

The fortune of the Huo Yingdong family is as high as 30 billion Hong Kong dollars, but this is not a family with many rules as we imagine. When Huo Qigang was 12 years old, he went to study in England alone. No one told him what test to take, what subjects to choose, or even no helper.

Living on your own, you have to do everything by yourself, cooking, washing clothes, changing quilts, etc., all of which are trained by yourself. Back in Hong Kong, although I have many helpers in my life, I still dont trust them to do it by myself.

Such experience also made him understand the beauty of ordinary life. The 2013 East Asian Games will be held in Tianjin. As the head of the Hong Kong delegation, Huo Qigang said:

In fact, I also like the pancakes and fruits in Tianjin.

Jingjing is also. You can see that she goes shopping. She doesnt ask for anything, and she eats very simply. She is most afraid of going to Michelin restaurant, and her favorite is to give her a plate of cucumber, and she will be happy

Dumplings, cucumber, that is the most happy.

Ideal and reality

In your opinion, what is the best place for a woman?

In todays era of emphasis on womens independence, such an answer seems a bit out of place, but as a girl from the north, Guo Jingjings idea is very traditional.

This is also reflected in her view of parenting.

Its not entirely for children, but its still a lot of focus on children.

When Deng Yaping asked if she would like to send her child to practice diving, Guo Jingjing thought for a moment or shook her head

Just like a traditional mother, Guo Jingjing also hopes that her children can make up for their regrets at that time, so she attaches great importance to her childrens studies. Sometimes my grandfather Huo Zhenting comes home to play with his grandchildren, I will let him finish his homework and go to play with my grandfather.

She wants her child to plan what she wants to do, even though she is not.

From this point of view, she would like her children to be more like their father.

Huo Qigang graduated from Oxford University, but at this stage, he seems to hope that his children can become a more understanding of the social climate. Every time there are some suitable public welfare activities, such as taking the children to the fields to plant rice seedlings, to participate in a charity sale at the subway station, Huo Qigang will take the whole family out together.

I think that in the process of growing up, education is not just something in books.

I really love Qigang, because I run outside every day and Im very busy, but Qigang always takes time to be with us. If there is no social intercourse, he will come back for dinner in the evening, and sometimes there will be social intercourse. If he is free for an hour, he will go home first to see the children and then go out at night.

Although he received western education since childhood, Huo Qigang attaches great importance to the concept of family. In this respect, he is also a very traditional person.

In his own words:

Everyone is busy at work, but we cant use busy as an excuse to neglect family. And she married into a rich marriage is not as thin as you think. In the words of Huo Qigang, maybe youve seen too many movies and TV series.. I dont think people who are too smart are tired? Think about everything, care about everything, think about everything. I dont want to think about anything, I dont think about anything. Its good. In the face-to-face with Yang Lan, Guo Jingjing expressed her views on life. In her opinion, people live such a lifetime, there is no need to think so much, there is no need to become so tired. I think its good to be simple alone. Source of this article: Netease sports Author: Muzi responsible editor of ball writing: Zhang Zenong_ NS5732

And she married into a rich marriage is not as thin as you think.

In the words of Huo Qigang, maybe youve seen too many movies and TV series..

In the face-to-face with Yang Lan, Guo Jingjing expressed her views on life. In her opinion, people live such a lifetime, there is no need to think so much, there is no need to become so tired.

I think its good to be simple alone.