Fly as you please ticket? China Eastern Response

 Fly as you please ticket? China Eastern Response

Reporter Xue Bingbing

More than 100000 tickets were exchanged and 65000 passengers were welcomed in the first week... Since the launch of fly at the weekend of China Eastern Airlines, its new sales mode and unprecedented affordable price have attracted a large number of consumers, won considerable cash flow for China Eastern Airlines, and eased the huge pressure caused by the epidemic.

However, since the two weeks since the launch of the products, problems have gradually exposed in the use of exchange. On microblogs, black cat complaints and other platforms, many customers reported that xinxinfei had poor experience, and even thought they had been cheated.

She was very confused about this, the first time to call the customer service of China Eastern Airlines, but the other party did not make any explanation on the forced change of the signature.

Due to the disruption of the schedule, Ms. Zhou decided to give up the trip. The solution given by China Eastern Airlines is to refund the air ticket money, that is, the fuel and engine construction costs, but it does not agree to refund 3322s xinfeifei package because it has been exchanged once.

According to the news on the interface, there are restrictions on the weekend xinfeifei products of China Eastern Airlines: if the passengers do not take the seats after three times of reservation and exchange and do not cancel the ticket refund before the specified time, the weekend heart flying products purchased by China Eastern Airlines will automatically become invalid.

Ms. Zhou told the interface news that her situation was also regarded as triggering a void condition according to China Easterns standards. The first time I used freestyle, the experience was so bad that I didnt want to use it at all, she said

In addition to changing the ticket without permission, the phenomenon of xinxinfei exchange is also criticized. Many users have reported that it is difficult to book a ticket by using xinxinfei, and sometimes it can not be reserved at all.

According to the complaints of black cat and user feedback on microblog, the flight exchange is not smooth, including the following two situations: one is that the app shows that the flight tickets are not enough, and it is unable to place an order for exchange. However, on OTA platforms such as Ctrip, there are still tickets left for the same flight. Another situation is that when a user searches for a suitable flight and wants to use xinxinfei for cash exchange, a warm prompt: the user does not exist will appear on the page, which is not the case when using cash to purchase tickets.

In view of the problem of poor ticket exchange, the interface news reporter dials the customer service call as a user, and gets feedback that the system may be temporarily optimized. It is suggested to try more times and wait patiently for operation.

Since flying at the weekend is the first launch in the civil aviation field, China Eastern Airlines is more like the first person to eat crabs. Some service omissions are made up and improved under the feedback of the market.

China Eastern Airlines responded to the interface news on July 4: many complaints on the Internet occurred before and after June 20. At that time, the xinxinfei product was not launched long ago, and the technical support was not perfect. After that, we have updated and optimized the system network, and most of the problems have been solved.

The news reporter of the interface confirmed to some users that some problems of xinxinfei have been improved. In terms of refund, a Ms. Lin told the interface news that on July 1, she successfully refunded the four freestyle packages she had purchased, and received the refund receipt notice within one minute, compared with the previous 15 working days.

China Eastern Airlines further shows that there are common problems that are easy to be confused in the use of the products. They will remind passengers by adding friendly prompts and function optimization in the user interface, adding explanatory reminders to ticketing messages, so as to continuously improve the online use experience.

Fu Jian, a lawyer from Henan Yulong law firm, believes that the agreement signed between China Eastern Airlines xinyifei project and users belongs to the standard terms. The party providing the standard terms, namely the operator of China Eastern Airlines, should follow the principle of fairness to determine the rights and obligations between the parties.

For the rules that are easy to produce ambiguities, it is necessary to take a reasonable way to draw consumers attention to the clauses that exempt or limit their liability, and explain the provisions. In addition, he also proposed that China Eastern Airlines should listen to consumers opinions on the goods or services it provides and accept consumers supervision.

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