Little brother spends 2500 yuan to rent a house in Shenzhen Regal district and enjoy smart life with his girlfriend

 Little brother spends 2500 yuan to rent a house in Shenzhen Regal district and enjoy smart life with his girlfriend

Lets have a look at this little brothers bedroom. You are absolutely amazed by the treasure boy!

Push open the door, you can see the painting on the wall -- the world map of Warcraft. I cant imagine that this former Apple employee has been playing Warcraft for 15 years. Can learn, game and powerful, cool!

Little brother usually likes to assemble models, and he has more research on space knowledge. His favorite model of Saturn V rocket (currently the most powerful rocket in mankind) is on the wall.

There are two big secrets that are worth introducing. They are all designed by the little brother brother: the first is the cement lamp that is charged by wireless. Raw materials (cement, foam) are all construction waste collected from a construction site. At first, the little brother just wants to make something for his girlfriend. Later, after using it for more than a month, he finished one day, and added up to 10 hours, and then completed one. The wireless charging cement lamp can be controlled by touching the switch. It is very beautiful at night.

Brothers second work is the charging bracket of the watch. The first one is on the left, and the upgraded version is more lightweight on the right. It is very simple to use. The watch can start charging when it is put on. This brother is really talented!

On the bookshelf above the workbench, there are many books and his used mobile phones. These mobile phones can be used even the oldest Nokia 3100. It seems that my brother is also a person with a very life attitude and has requirements for himself.

My brother has lived in this place for more than five years. At present, the house rent only needs 2530 yuan, which is only one tenth of his salary. Five years ago, the house was empty. All the objects in the house were selected and arranged by himself. At first, because it was too old, he thought about changing places, but later, he found it very warm to decorate, so he didnt plan to change.

Hell live here as long as its not demolished. The house does not need to be more new and luxurious, as long as the layout is warm, just like your own home, where you live is the same.

I agree with my brother very much: the quality of life is created by ourselves, not given by others. Although the house is rented, but the days are their own.

Now the house, for him, is the ideal house. But the ideal house I want to live in is potofino. My little brother has been working hard towards his dream mansion.

At present, living next door to a luxury house is half the success. Such a kind, sincere and enthusiastic person with ability, talent, ideal and hard work will surely succeed!