Let the new things grow healthily, let the new driving force of development grow faster and stronger

 Let the new things grow healthily, let the new driving force of development grow faster and stronger

Facing hitherto unknown situations look far ahead from a high plane at home and abroad, general secretary Xi Jinping has made a series of important instructions to guide us in tackling difficulties and resolutely win the double victory of epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development. Centering on a word of new, the general secretary guided us to carry out systematic planning and deployment and promotion - to accelerate the growth of new business forms and new models generated in the process of epidemic prevention and control, strive to cultivate new opportunities in crisis and start a new situation in the changing situation The general secretarys scientific judgment and decision-making arrangement comprehensively analyzed the advantages and potential of Chinas economy, which is of great significance to guide all parts of the country to give full play to the peoples creative spirit and promote economic development against the trend.

It is an important experience of Chinas reform and opening up in the past 40 years to dare to innovate and make breakthroughs, respect the initiative of the masses, and promote the effective interaction between top-level design and grassroots exploration. Since the outbreak of Xinguan epidemic, the normal economic and social order has been seriously impacted. However, the reform is often produced in the difficulties and deepened in solving the problems. We can see that new technologies represented by cloud computing, big data and artificial intelligence have sprung up; strategic emerging industries such as digital economy, intelligent manufacturing, life and health, and new materials have formed more and more new growth points and growth poles; new economic models such as cloud conference, remote office, intelligent construction, live selling, robot distribution, etc., have solved the difficulties in reality u3002 These new technologies, new industries and new models have not only become a strong support for the overall planning of epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development, but also conducive to the formation of high-quality industrial supply to meet the needs of consumption upgrading, and are cultivating new kinetic energy for high-quality development.

To let new things grow healthily and accelerate the growth of new momentum of development is an important methodology to deal with various risks and challenges, and to seek opportunities in crisis and turn crisis into opportunity. On the one hand, we should adhere to the view that the people are the creators of history, closely rely on the people, and seek answers and true knowledge from rich grassroots practice; on the other hand, we should be good at finding the breakthrough point of reform from the focus of the masses attention and the difficulties of peoples life, do everything possible to create an institutional environment to encourage exploration and encourage innovation, improve the fault tolerance and error correction mechanism, and let all innovation and creation live The force is full of current.

The movement of a ROC is not the lightness of a feather; the speed of a steed is not the strength of a foot. Standing at the historical stage of two hundred years of continuous struggle, we should firmly adhere to the people-centered development thought, fully mobilize the peoples enthusiasm, initiative and creativity in promoting reform, and pool the wisdom and strength of the overwhelming majority of the people into a strong joint force for the reform, and constantly create a new situation of economic and social development.