Star couple on TV show

 Star couple on TV show

First of all, lets take a look at the new guests Lang Lang and his wife Gina invited to the fourth quarter of wifes romantic travel. As the most concerned couple in the whole season, they are not only top-notch in popularity, but also can throw off several other guests in their homes for a few blocks.

1. Lang Lang & Gina

As the most famous pianist in China, there should be few people who dont know him, but he was very low-key before, until he married a wife with white skin and beautiful legs

Then Lang Lang took his beautiful wife to several variety shows and spread dog food to the audience. But some time ago, he was scolded by netizens for not helping his wife Gina with her luggage or housework. He was accused of being too manly, inconsiderate to his wife, and even called him a scum man!

In fact, most of the reason is that Lang Langs hands are too expensive. He not only has a huge amount of insurance, but also checks his hands every five hours. How can Gina be willing to let such a valuable hand carry his luggage? In the variety show, Gina also takes care of all the housework, and their mode of getting along also makes netizens sigh: its strange for Lang Lang Lang to do housework with such a wife!

Lang Lang lives in a small courtyard. The fence outside is very casual and retro. With the fence door, it is very grounded.

The area of the courtyard looks not small, and planted a lot of green plants, creating a small garden, giving people a feeling of love for life.

Indoor and outdoor are not the same style at all. The interior decoration is mainly European style. It looks very tall. In fact, it is full of Daddy flavor and every corner is full of sense of age.

After entering the door, the first thing you can see is the hall with a large piano and some retro musical instruments. The whole space instantly becomes classy.

The living room is more than 2 meters high, so there is no sense of depression. The highest position on the wall is also hung with an oil painting of Lang Lang playing the piano.

The layout in the living room is also very old-fashioned, there is a style of old cadres, single printed sofa, with a small tea table, appropriate 80s sense of vision.

The desk in the study is made of solid wood. Many of the decorations on it are artistic. The price of one is not cheap. The desk still has a picture of him and Obama.

Of course, the house exposed in the program is only one of Lang Langs real estate. For more photos of Lang Langs family, please poke the atlas below~