Hong Kong Beauty Porter monthly salary 16000, spend 6000 per month rent 5 Ping rental housing

 Hong Kong Beauty Porter monthly salary 16000, spend 6000 per month rent 5 Ping rental housing

Maybe in the eyes of many people, she should leave the transportation industry after she became famous. But in fact, until now, she is still working as a porter, only occasionally she will participate in some programs, contact endorsement.

Moreover, this income can not be called a good life in Hong Kong. After all, the high prices and high house prices in Hong Kong are well known. In the variety show, Zhu Qianpei exposed his residence, which was a little unexpected.

Hong Kong version of Laura rented in a 5 square meters rental room, to open the refrigerator must first move the table

In the variety show send 100 girls home, the host Ding Ding Zhang once visited Zhu Qianpeis residence in Hong Kong. Its a little surprising that although Zhu Qianpei has been known by many people, the place where she lives is actually a bedroom with only 5 square meters.

Zhu Qianpei lives in a residential building in the Eastern District of Hong Kong. As soon as he enters the door, there are a lot of sundries on the side, including plastic buckets and wooden ladders. It looks very messy.

After entering Zhu Qianpeis room, there is only one word to describe it, that is squeeze. Only 5 square meters of bedroom, which is filled with dressing table, bed, wardrobe, refrigerator and other items.

There are many old clothes on the bed. It seems that the bed is about 2 meters wide, including clothes.

Hanging a TV on the wall, Zhu Qianpei said that he would be used to turning on the TV when he went home. Maybe it was because he lived alone all the year round, so he still felt a little lonely!

The furniture and household appliances are owned by the landlord. The wardrobe is almost rotten, and the refrigerator is hidden in the corner. To open it, you have to move away from the small table full of articles on the edge.

However, for such a small house, the rent is 6500 Hong Kong dollars (about 6000 yuan) for 18 months. It has to be said that the rent in Hong Kong is really expensive.

Considering the salary of HK $18000, after deducting the rent of 6500 and the board expenses of 3000 or 4000, there is really not much money left. Girls always have to buy some clothes and skin care products. No wonder Zhu Qianpei said that although he has worked for more than ten years, he has no savings. Well, if you want to see more details of this inspirational girls house, please click the atlas below to check the details!