Li Chen lives alone in Beijings duplex Mansion

 Li Chen lives alone in Beijings duplex Mansion

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But the last two things are confusing. One is the pink cabinet. After the explanation, I know that this cabinet is not ordinary. The cabinet is paved with ceramic tiles, but it has been a little long time since the red cabinet has faded into pink. The other is the little flower chair next to the cabinet. This colorful chair is actually an old Chinese style chair, but it is bound with small calico. It looks very earthy.

In fact, they are all bought by Li Chen from the junk market. It turns out that Li Chen still likes things with a sense of age.

The living room is super large and has a lot of fitness equipment. It can be seen that he has been exercising at home without any relaxation. There are two shelves on the collection toy, so many dolls are really envious.

Living room sofa is a complete set of wooden sofa, sofa cover of small flowers, looks full of literary and artistic sense. However, as a mans home, the curtain is full of girlish pink, which is quite different from its muscular male image. In fact, as long as you like, what color you want to decorate your home is OK.

On the whole, Li Chens living room is not only spacious, but also very neat. The desk is also very large and can hold eight people at the same time.

As a star, Li Chens figure management is rare. But cooking at home is very casual. For breakfast, I had pickled noodles with pickled mustard. For lunch, I decided to cook by myself and open the refrigerator. I was shocked. There were too many ingredients in it, such as potatoes, eggs, tomatoes and vegetables. Sure enough, the refrigerator was big, so it was convenient to store vegetables.

Just wanted to say, it seems that Li Chen is quite able to live at home, so he is frightened. There is a bamboo shoot growing on the ginger!

When I got into the kitchen, I saw that there were so many kinds of seasonings, and the pots and pans were well-equipped. Unexpectedly, Li Chen did not remember where his own dish washing basin was. After looking for the dish washing basin, he could not find the kitchen knife. It seems that if the kitchen is too big and there are too many things, it may not be a good thing. Even Zheng Shuang couldnt help asking: is this your home?

Although I can cook a few dishes, I cant remember where I put my things for a while because Im busy with my work.

After all, people are so rich that cooking is the rise, not the necessity.

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