Why does Beijing health treasure turn yellow? How to cancel? We need to know these things

 Why does Beijing health treasure turn yellow? How to cancel? We need to know these things

Recently, many members of the public have reported through the 12345 hotline or other channels,

My community has been unsealed, why cant I become green?

And some people said,

The community has already removed isolation for itself. Why is health treasure still in the yellow state?

As we all know, health treasure provides health status query of epidemic prevention, and the results include centralized observation, home observation and no abnormality, which are marked with red, yellow and green respectively. If your health treasure becomes yellow home observation, it means that you have been included in the home observation management by the community. Please follow the community management requirements. If you have questions, please contact your community.

Since the outbreak of clustering epidemic in new areas, many areas in our city have been adjusted to medium and high-risk areas. In order to effectively cut off the transmission channel of the epidemic and maintain the health of the public, medical workers, community workers, flow control personnel and nucleic acid detection personnel in our city have made a lot of hard work, door-to-door touch and large-scale detection to accurately identify the epidemic risk personnel. During this period, the display of health treasure yellow home observation state is also based on the results of community touch.

Question 1: the community has been unsealed, why am I still yellow?

Please contact your community to confirm that the community has released the isolation for you through the community system.

Question 2: the community has released me from quarantine. Why am I still yellow?

If you confirm that the community has released your home isolation through the community system, according to the actual situation, you can exit the health treasure app after 1-3 hours, and you can have green status after logging in again!

Login again as follows:

Step 1: click the personal name in the login status

Step 2: click log out

(function(){( window.slotbydup=window .slotbydup||[]).push({id:u5811557,container:ssp_ 5811557, async:true }Step 3: log in again. There is only one high-risk area in Beijing and 23 medium and high-risk areas in Beijing. According to the map, there are 6 epidemic risk levels in Beijing, and only one new area in Beijing has d614g mutation. Who reminds this article: Beijing daily client editor in charge: Hu Shuli_ MN7479

Step 3: log in again.