Many people support Chinas passage of the Hong Kong national security law

 Many people support Chinas passage of the Hong Kong national security law

Ananda gunatilak, chairman of the Sri Lanka China Friendship Association, said that over the past year, the situation in Hong Kong has fully demonstrated the importance of security and stability for economic and social development. It is the peoples will and the general trend for the NPC to promote Hong Kong related national security legislation and safeguard one country, two systems. The adoption and implementation of Hong Kongs national security law will become an important turning point in the development of Hong Kongs situation, and ensure that Hong Kong will return to the road of stable development.

Faruk Khan, a member of the presidium of the Bangladesh peoples League, said that Hong Kong is an integral part of Chinas territory and Hong Kongs affairs are purely Chinas internal affairs. Safeguarding national security is the primary responsibility of any government. The adoption and implementation of Hong Kongs national security law will help to effectively safeguard national security and create a more secure and stable environment for Hong Kongs prosperity and development.

Weng Shijie, chairman of Malaysias new Asian Strategy Research Center, said that Hong Kongs national security law embodies the principle of punishing the very few and protecting the majority. It has a positive supportive effect on one country, two systems, and has blocked the legal loopholes in safeguarding national security after Hong Kongs return to China, providing support for safeguarding national security, Hong Kongs long-term stability and prosperity, and ensuring the stability and long-term development of one country, two systems It has a solid legal support.

Wang Zhian, a professor in the law department of jusa University in Japan, believes that the adoption of the Hong Kong national security law not only shows Chinas firm determination to safeguard national unity and territorial integrity, but also reflects the implementation of the principles of one country, two systems, Hong Kong people ruling Hong Kong and a high degree of autonomy.

Alexei Maslov, acting director of the Institute of Far East Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences, believes that Hong Kongs national security law focuses on cracking down on acts of secession, subversion of state power, organization of terrorist activities and collusion with foreign or foreign forces to endanger national security. This is of great significance to effectively safeguard Chinas sovereignty, security and development interests and to ensure Hong Kongs long-term prosperity and stability.

Hussein Ismail, a researcher at the political Academy of the general information administration of Egypt, said that the adoption and implementation of the national security law of Hong Kong will provide an important legal system guarantee for the protection of the basic rights of Hong Kong people and the stable development of Hong Kong society. He believes that the law will effectively maintain the constitutional order and the rule of law order in Hong Kong, prevent and curb external forces from engaging in activities that undermine Chinas national security in Hong Kong, and return Hong Kong to one of the other countries We need to secure and stabilize the environment, better develop the economy and improve peoples livelihood.

Julio Rios, director of Spains China policy observation network, believes that Hong Kongs national security law takes full account of the differences between the two systems and the specific situation of Hong Kong. Its adoption and implementation will play a protective role in upholding and improving the practice of one country, two systems in Hong Kong.

Georg Zhang, President of Austria China Business Association, believes that the introduction of Hong Kongs national security law conforms to the principle of one country, two systems. No country in the world can tolerate acts endangering national security. Hong Kongs national security law defines acts endangering national security, such as splitting the country and subverting state power, as crimes.