Patriotic student ban Yalun: no one can slander my motherland

 Patriotic student ban Yalun: no one can slander my motherland

One is away from home and studying abroad

Its hard to avoid being wronged

She can take it all


When someone slanders her country

She couldnt rub a grain of sand in her eyes

Being abroad and caring for our motherland

1. Banyalun had a dialogue with Hong Kong rioters in English, German and Chinese

On the streets of Cologne, Germany, on November 2, 2019, this young girl who uses three languages to debate with Hong Kong protestors is ban Yalun, who came from Shenzhen to study in Germany. She has been studying in Germany for eight years and has a more objective and profound understanding of the situation at home and abroad.

Banyalun: I have been abroad for so many years, so my understanding has been changing. When I am abroad, I can clearly see the comparison between the development of China and that of western countries. After I left the country, I can more clearly realize how fast China is developing.

Anger against Hong Kong elements

Banyalun: I pay special attention to their situation here. I also get to know different information through many different media and channels, such as Germany, mainland China and Hong Kong. I can also see that young people in Hong Kong have a lot of demands. However, they did not use proper means to express their demands. Instead, they took violent actions One aspect.

We can see that they use the information asymmetry of European countries to deceive or mislead the people here, the German people and the foreign people.

Banyalun: when they cant talk about others, when they have no way to correct their names, they will shout. If I reason with them, they will shout at you all the time, you know. In fact, they are not well prepared. They dont know what they are fighting for. They come out to attend the rally every month, and they dont know the information behind them.

However, what the Hong Kong Independence violent supporters did not expect was that more people stood by her side and gave her strong support on the Internet.

Ban Yalun: and the Hong Kong police also wrote me a private letter, thanking me for speaking for them, and then some citizens communicated with me. Their own views of the Hong Kong people were also very opposed to these violent acts, but they were suffering from not having a chance to talk to the thugs.

Fathers pride

Ban Yaluns father, ban Weizhong, learned about his daughters anger against the Hong Kong elements through a video forwarded by his colleagues five days after the incident.

My fathers worries are reasonable. Not everyone has the courage to face the danger like this.