No off screen camera! Huawei mate 40 series: double curved surface design

 No off screen camera! Huawei mate 40 series: double curved surface design

In addition, the mate 40 series is suspected to be a hyperbolic screen design. Since mate20 series, Pro version is hyperbolic screen, so mate40pro may continue this design. It is not sure whether mate40 standard version will adopt hyperbolic screen or not, and it is possible to use straight screen.

In addition, @ rodent950 revealed that mate 40 series will continue the P40 series screen specification: 1200p resolution (PS: p40pro resolution is 2640 u00d7 1200).

In terms of core configuration, the mate40 series will launch a new generation of Kirin flagship processor, which is based on the 5nm process and will be delivered in September.

Industry insiders @ mobile phone chip experts have revealed that the number of Kirin processor chips required by Huawei before the end of the year, whether they are 5nm, 7Nm, 16nm or 28nm, will be delivered by mid September. Huaweis product delivery in the second half of the year is not a big problem.

From this point of view, the mate40 series may appear in September or October, which is worth looking forward to.

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