After half a supporting role, she was finally seen

 After half a supporting role, she was finally seen

Zhang Yuqi, the parrot in the world, was most impressed.

When it comes to women.

She thinks that the elder sister who rides the wind and waves has been on the hot search all the time. To some extent, it is a kind of concern for womens theme.

There are so few female dramas on the market that many actresses find it hard to get a role that suits them.

But she felt that the market for women was coming.

Not only because the audience just needs it, but also because the group of women itself is too rich.

What does a rich character look like?

The reason why many of the characters in the drama are not brilliant is that they are too single. The good and the evil are too much. They want to put the labels of good and bad people on their heads.

For example, in many popular dramas, the mothers of the womens original families are so bad that they can squeeze out water. But its so bad its illogical, its not for a reason.

Ultimately, the function is greater than the character.

The characters cant stand, and the drama cant go anywhere.

It is said that the most terrible event of the year has been pre scheduled for the show.

First, Qin Hao takes you to climb mountains;

Second, Liu Lin lets you drink milk.

Liu Lins part in the play is not much, but she is very brilliant.

A little suffocating mother, but we can not hate it, more is heartache.

After the play was over, Liu Lin wrote to Zhou Chunhong and said to her: be nice to yourself and have a good time in love.

Many people sigh that there are not many actors still acting like this.

Today, I want to talk to you about this treasure actress.

01 print characters on your body

The milk scene in the secret corner is very important.

A glass of milk to drink or not to drink, actually represents whether the mother still has control over her son.

Director Xin Shuang is not sure about the play. He writes it well, but he cant think of any pictures. He thinks its too much for him.

As a result, Liu Lin said to Xin Shuang, you believe me, lets go again.

After walking once, the stone in Xin Shuangs heart fell to the ground. She has the magical ability to make all the plays reasonable, he said.

How reasonable is it?

Some people ridicule, the strong sense of substitution of the play, people can not help but want to kneel down and shout: Mom! Ill drink it now!

Before looking back, she seems to have played many imperfect roles.

For example, Jiang Dehua in parents love.

How can I play such a role? she said

Good friend Mei Ting advised her to finish.

After watching it, she fell in love with the character.

Dehua looks rude and rude. He is the strong mouthed king in the whole play, and turns his sister-in-law Mei Ting in a daze.

But behind the rudeness is kindness.

At the moment when Lao Ding, the beloved in the play, finally proposes to her, she looks light and light on the surface, turning her head, and complex emotions flow into her heart.

Kong Sheng, the director, said that he believed in Liu Lin and used a long shot to follow her in close range. Liu Lins mood was transformed incisively and vividly.

Referring to the scene, Liu Lin said that they had been filming for three months at that time.

Jiang Dehua has been completely printed on her. She has all the feelings of Jiang Dehua.

She gives her reaction according to the logic, emotion and feeling of the characters, so she cant be wrong.

So on the talk show, the host asked her to say a word in the tone of Dehua to the old Ding who died suddenly. After that, she began to cry.

So many years later, some people recognized her on the road, took her hand to shed tears and called her Dehua.

Another example is the hit whether you know it should be green, fat, red and thin in the previous two years.

She plays the part of Wang ruofe.

Selfish, but not malicious.

Swearing is fierce, but there is no means.

Liu Zi, one of my classmates, performed several episodes, and found it inappropriate. Liu Lin has the meaning of saving the scene. It happens that the director Kaizhou was the photographer of parents love before.

She also made a murmur at the beginning. The big lady scolded and scolded as soon as she came up. Can the audience like it?

The director assured her, the foundation of the big lady is a kind person, so the audience will not hate her very much.

As a result, she not only did not get scolded, but also became everyones source of happiness. Also once became the red man of B station, was affectionately called irritable little cute.

This is beyond her expectation. Sometimes she cant help looking at her play and asking her husband: is it funny? Is it funny?

The husband answers her: funny.

Its a complement between actors and characters, she said.

Understanding the characters is one of her principles in acting.

In her opinion, compared with the shape of the fit, close to the heart is more important.

You have to keep your heart close to her. You need to know her behavioral logic, her way of dealing with people, and what her soul is like before you can perform it.

02 want to be an actor since childhood

When she was in kindergarten, she was a little girl who liked performance very much.

Always try to attract the attention of boys like, do some funny action, if the boy like inadvertently look back at her, her self-confidence will rise.

Try your best to drill into this circle, all the tentacles are spread out, as long as you can get on, stick to the top.

She remembered standing at the gate of the Beiying studio for a long time at that time and told her female companion, sooner or later, I will come into this one..

The girl companion said, OK, dont look at it. she took her away.

A psychologist said that our own words, like the prophecy of life, affect our lives.

At the age of 19, she became a classmate of Liu Zi and Xu Jinglei, grade 93 of Beijing electric power.

She was lucky, too.

At the age of 20, he co starred in the movie song at midnight with Zhang Guorong, Wu Qianlian and Huang Lei.

Although the starting point is high, she has her own limitations.

She is not one of those beautiful women with excellent facial features. When she was at school, she acted in the Japanese film homesick with her classmates, in which she played the role of old lady AKI, while Xu Jinglei, a classmate, played a young female reporter.

She was wide awake.

Although there is time to see other peoples achievements, there is still some anxiety, but she knows that the image of an actress to some extent determines her path.

There is no difference between good and bad, but the road is different.

I think you need to see yourself and others clearly, so that you wont be left and right by those confused things, and you wont feel that you cant see the direction clearly.

When it comes to career dilemmas, she has.

After filming parents love, she is pregnant.

From the first day of her pregnancy, she didnt take any work for two years.

At that time, she thought it was nothing. It was only two years. Besides, the works in her hands had such wonderful scenes as love between parents.

But two years later, the world has changed.

Everybody forgot you. No one really came to you.

Her pay even dropped to the level she had just started.

She also understood why many actresses went to work immediately after their children had finished their lives, because they were really afraid of this circle and left us all aside.

Fortunately, her love of acting has not changed.

Those strong beliefs and love are enough to support her to face these difficulties.

You have to have a strong heart and keep telling yourself that you can, dont be afraid of anything, and move forward bravely.

So over the years, she has become the lady of Laiyang in the wind of the Langya board

She became the director of welfare home Xiuyuan in Ode to joy

It also became Zhou Chunhong in the secret corner

Relying on a supporting role, she gradually returned to everyones vision.

It was realized that middle-aged actresses could be seen as long as their acting skills and roles were brilliant.

She is often asked about the plight of middle-aged actresses..

But she felt that everyone would face the crisis.

Not only middle-aged, but also actresses.

If you cant change the outside world, youd better do it well in front of you.

Do your own thing, you will always find your place.

She even felt that, at her age, she should give the opportunity to young people. After all, she was once young and stood in the middle of the stage.

At my age, playing mother is the best choice, but it doesnt mean that the characters are single. I just want to show their differences.

What qualities should an actor possess?

Her answer isu2014u2014

First of all, you should really love acting, not because acting can make you money and make you famous. You should really love it so that you can always be old and fearless.

Secondly, you should have the basic qualities of an actor, otherwise it will be very embarrassing.

Now its getting hot. What she enjoys is still the purest original happiness brought by acting.

After acting for more than 20 years, every time she receives a new favorite role, she is still as excited, nervous and hard to sleep as she was in her first acting.

Although it is painful for her to integrate herself into the role and become a role, she believes that if she is deeply hurt by herself, the audience will also be hurt.

And must be your body and mind are suffering, life will give you a little sweet..

Those little sweet things are to make her meet good characters.

Although she has opened her microblog and has been broadcast live, she still misses the days when she was filming before.

At that time, regardless of the leading role and supporting role, everyone ate the same box lunch and lived in the same building.

When filming parents love, she read the script with Mei Ting every day before filming. After filming, she took off her makeup and went to see Mei Ting before going to bed to check the words of the next day.

She and Chen Jin live in the same room in the shooting of born in the sky. She always remembers Chen Jin standing in the room at that time. She was very excited and told her how she felt about the characters.

Li Meng, an actor in the secret corner, said that their crew had no RV, no special high living treatment, and shared a large dressing room. Everyone cared more about creation than living standard.

It is estimated that this is an important reason why Liu Lin likes the play.

She said she was not afraid of being old at all.

From a young age, she knew that she had to be thirty or forty years old and had certain life experience before she could highlight her beauty.

Liu Lin is 46 years old.

She said that she was very satisfied. At this age, she still had her favorite role to play.


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