Make nearly 300 billion yuan! Beishang capital has made a profit this year, and its position shares have been exposed

 Make nearly 300 billion yuan! Beishang capital has made a profit this year, and its position shares have been exposed

Net purchases exceeded 10 billion in 9 trading days of the year

If calculated on a single trading day, the average daily net purchase amount in 2020 will exceed 1.3 billion yuan, second only to the level in 2019. Further statistics show that since the opening of interconnection, the net purchase amount has exceeded 10 billion yuan in 16 trading days, of which more than half (9 times) occurred in 2020, 7 times in the first half of the year, and the second highest net purchase amount on June 19 was more than 18 billion yuan. On February 3 this year, the net purchase of Beishang capital reached 18.19 billion yuan, the third highest in history.

Of course, affected by the epidemic situation, the net sales on March 13 and 9 this year reached 14.726 billion yuan and 14.319 billion yuan respectively, setting the first and second record of net sales in history.

Since Beishang capital entered the A-share market, its investment style has always been in favor of large finance and large consumption, which are relatively stable and have long-term investment value. However, since last year, 5g has risen rapidly, and the substitution of localization has accelerated. Science and technology stocks have almost become the main line throughout the A-share market, and funds from all walks of life have been piling up their positions in science and technology stocks. Since this year, affected by the epidemic situation, the performance of medicine stocks related to the epidemic situation has also ushered in explosive growth.

Compared with the past, there are some changes in the position of Beishang capital. Taking the annual as the statistical interval (up to July 3, 2020), according to the change range of the number of shares held by various industries, compared with the end of 2019, the top three capital positions of Beishang in 2020 are commercial trade, computing machine and medical biology, with the increase rate of more than 35%. It is not difficult to find that there are epidemic factors in the large increase of positions in these three industries, but there are also factors of sustained strength of science and technology stocks.

Traditional industries such as comprehensive, mining and construction materials will be reduced in 2020, but the increase of positions in the above three industries will be in the forefront of the industry in 2019.

Beishang capital has a heavy position in technology stocks and pharmaceutical stocks

From the perspective of style, last years Beishang capitals heavy positions were mainly consumer and household appliance stocks. This year, in addition to consumer stocks, individual stocks of science and technology and pharmaceutical industry were also favored. Compared with last year, the number of new stocks with more than 10% of Beishang capitals shares was science and technology stocks and pharmaceutical stocks. In particular, this year, Huawei, apple, Tesla and other popular concepts have taken turns, making the technology market hot A-share, and some stocks in the science and technology industry chain have also become heavy positions of Beishang capital.

As of the latest, 35 stocks have held more than 10% of the total shares, and Shanghai airport, Sofia and Weill have more than 20% of the shares. Since this year, the latter two companies have been continuously increased by foreign investors. In addition, the mobile communication, which is also a hot concept such as Huawei, 5g and chip, has become the largest individual stock to be increased by foreign investors, with the number of shares increased by 106 times.

According to the statistics of the securities times u00b7 data treasure, the continued increase of the position of Beishang capital has formed a very strong support for the rise of stock price. Beishang capitals latest 35 stocks with a shareholding ratio of more than 10% have increased by 35.47% on average since this year. Among them, the average increase of stocks with a position increase of more than 30% is as high as 50.3%, far ahead of the average level.

Beishang capitals profit in the first half of the year surpassed the market by a large margin

How about the profitability of the relevant heavy positions? In terms of the stocks with a stock market value of more than 1 billion yuan held by Beishang capital at the beginning of 2020, the average increase this year is 18.2%, far exceeding the Shanghai indexs rise in the same period. Among them, 38 shares have increased by more than 50%. Since this year, UFIDA networks share price has increased by 111.75%, Chinas central immune system has increased by 105.45%, and lens technology has increased by 103.84%, ranking among the top three in the list of gainers. At the beginning of the year, Beishang capital had a heavy position in Chinas CMAC, which amounted to 20 billion yuan. Being hyped by the concept of tax exemption, Chinas large cap stocks with a market value of 300 billion yuan rose continuously and the share price doubled in the year.

The stock price of Guizhou Maotai, the largest heavy position of Beishang capital, has risen by 31.85% this year, which not only greatly outperforms the market average, but also outperforms the performance of many high-quality technology stocks.

Northward capital flow is highly correlated with the rise and fall of the Shanghai index

In the previous study, we found that the market will rise sharply when the northbound funds buy in a large amount. Once they start to sell, the market will start to decline. According to the statistics of data bank, from the weekly data since 2018, the correlation between the net trading amount of Beishang capital and the performance of Shanghai stock index in the same period has reached 0.55. Since this year, the correlation between the weekly net trading amount of Beishang capital and the weekly rise and fall of Shanghai Stock index has reached 0.65, and the correlation has been further strengthened.

In the past two trading days, the capital went northward to buy more than 30 billion yuan

Previously, most foreign-funded institutions believed that Chinas economy would lead the world this year, but they still underestimated the strength of Chinas economic rebound. The accelerated inflow of capital to the North fully shows the attitude of foreign capital. In July (2nd and 3rd), Beishang capital bought 30.309 billion yuan, net inflow for 4 consecutive months. Among them, Shanghai Stock connect bought 19.202 billion yuan and Shenzhen Stock connect bought 11.107 billion yuan.

A total of 26 stocks were listed on the list of active transactions this month. The largest amount of transaction was Maotai, Guizhou, with a total turnover of 6.175 billion yuan this month; Wuliangye was followed by a total of 4.306 billion yuan; China Ping An and China immune Insurance Co., Ltd. were also higher in transaction amount.

According to the statistics of net purchase and sale amount, there are 18 stocks on the list this month. Luzhou Laojiao has the largest net purchase amount. The net purchase amount of this month is 1.197 billion yuan, followed by Sany Heavy Industry and Guizhou Maotai, with the net purchase amount of 938 million yuan and 912 million yuan respectively. Among the net selling stocks, BOE a, the panel leader, has the largest net sales, with a net sales volume of 837 million yuan this month.

In this month, there were 1017 stocks with a total of 1017, and 72 stocks with a margin of over 0.5 percentage point. Specifically, the proportion of eight party shares increased significantly, with the latest shareholding ratio of 9.23%, increasing by 2.6 percentage points on a month on month basis; followed by Dali technology, which increased by 1.83 percentage points month on month; the other top positions were Netshop technology, fengyuzhu, Jidan biology, etc.

From the perspective of market performance, the top 20 stocks of Beishang capital increased more than decreased this month, while 17 stocks rose and only 2 stocks fell. The stock price of Ziguang Guowei rose 33.1% this month, while Boya bio rose 21.47% this month. Other big gainers were Huamao logistics, Hongta securities, Yunnan germanium industry, etc.

From the perspective of Beishang capitals reduction of shareholding, the reduction of three trees positions was the most obvious, with the proportion of shares falling by 3.67 percentage points, and Guangzhou restaurant was also greatly reduced.

Beishang capital bought 27 shares for seven consecutive weeks

To lengthen the time, 27 shares were added by northbound capital for seven consecutive weeks. From the change of shareholding ratio, Sofia gained the largest increase in its position, which increased by 5.93 percentage points compared with that seven weeks ago; other positions increased more in FAW Jiefang, QIMINGXING star, Guiyan platinum industry, Xinao, etc.

From the perspective of market performance, among the seven consecutive weeks of Beishang capitals additional positions, 24 stocks rose last week, FAW Jiefang gained the most, up 12.93%. Other big gainers were Huada gene, Desai Xiwei and Oceanwide holdings. Jinyu medicine and so on have a larger decline. (data treasure, Zhang JUANJUAN, Wang Linpeng)

Source: Securities Times editor in charge: Guo Chenqi_ NBJ9931