Cbcirc named 38 illegal shareholders and 4 companies involved in Anbang insurance

 Cbcirc named 38 illegal shareholders and 4 companies involved in Anbang insurance

The CBRC has taken regulatory measures such as restricting shareholders rights, revoking investment permission and withdrawing illegal equity.

10 shareholders or suspected shareholders of subcontractor bank

In May 2019, the central bank announced to take over the bank. Before that, the actual controlling shareholder of the bank was tomorrow. In June 2019, the relevant person in charge of the central bank said that the major shareholder of Baoshang bank is tomorrow group, which holds 89% of the equity of the bank.

The last annual report disclosed by Baoshang bank was in 2016. According to the annual report of 2016, the largest shareholder of Baoshang bank is Baotou Taiping commerce and Trade Group Co., Ltd., which holds 9.07% of the shares. The shareholders holding more than 5% also include Baotou Daan Investment Co., Ltd. (5.51%) and Baotou Jinggong Technology Co., Ltd. (5.32%).

(list of shareholders in 2016 annual report of subcontractor bank)

The list of shareholders registered in the industry and Commerce of the subcontractor bank does not directly show the direct connection with the tomorrows enterprises. Among the 38 shareholders disclosed by the CIRC, only Baotou Daan Investment Co., Ltd. has appeared in the list of top 10 shareholders of Baoshang bank.

Other companies are in the form of shell and shell. For example, Baotou Daan Investment Co., Ltd. holds 66.87% of the shares of Baotou beibenmingke electromechanical Co., Ltd. and Baotou Jinggong Technology Co., Ltd. holds 55.50% of the shares of Baotou baihuixing Trading Co., Ltd.

And Hohhot Xinxiang Zhiyuan commerce and Trade Co., Ltd., is in the 38 notification list.

How these companies actually shell shell into the Contractors Bank, from the public industrial and commercial information is no longer available.

Ten shareholders have participated in Chengdu Rural Commercial Bank

According to the report of the 21st century economic report on December 31, 2019, Anbang insurance group has listed and transferred the equity of Chengdu Rural Commercial Bank. One is 3.5 billion shares held by Anbang insurance group, with the listing price of about 16.508 billion yuan; the other is about 2.050 billion shares entrusted by Shanghai No.1 Intermediate peoples Hospital, with the listing price of about 9.669 billion yuan, and the total transfer of about 5.55 billion yuan The transfer price was 26.177 billion yuan.

Of the 2.05 billion shares entrusted by Shanghai No.1 Intermediate Peoples court, Anbang Insurance Groups takeover working group includes 10 parties: Zhongping Investment Group Co., Ltd., Shanghai Wenjun Investment Co., Ltd., Beijing Taoli Investment Management Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Ruixin Materials Co., Ltd., Jintang Tongming Investment Co., Ltd., Chengdu Xinjin Ruikai Investment Co., Ltd., and dayilan xintou Ltd., Tianjin Zhongping Beiao Automobile Sales Service Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Jinrong Investment Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Guoheng Industrial Co., Ltd.

After the transfer of the above shares, Chengdu rural commercial bank became a bank controlled by Sichuan state-owned assets. Chengdu Xingcheng investment group, Chengdu Wuhou industrial development investment management group, Chengdu hi tech investment group and Chengdu jiaozi financial holding group are all local state-owned enterprises, with a total shareholding ratio of more than 65%.

On June 30, Chengdu rural commercial bank disclosed its annual report for 2019. Affected by factors such as no consolidation of financial leasing statements and pressure drop of interbank liabilities, the total assets decreased to 484.987 billion yuan, a decrease of 22.16% year-on-year. In 2019, the annual operating revenue was 12.438 billion yuan, and the net profit was 4.892 billion yuan, with a year-on-year increase of 8.78% and 5.05% respectively. The balance of non-performing loans of the bank was 4.263 billion yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 08 million yuan; based on the banks caliber, the non-performing loan ratio at the end of the period was 1.75%, down 0.11 percentage points year-on-year.

3 shareholders participate in Ningbo Donghai bank

Among the 38 illegal bancassurance shareholders named by the CBRC, China Yuanda Group Co., Ltd. indirectly controls Ningbo Donghai bank, and Yuanda Property Group Co., Ltd. holds 9.6575% equity of Ningbo Donghai bank; Hangzhou Pingzhang Tool Co., Ltd. was renamed from Hangzhou Huasong Tools Co., Ltd. in August 2014, the original CBRC approved Hangzhou Huasong Tools Co., Ltd The company transferred 9.66% shares of Ningbo Donghai Bank held by Zhejiang University Venture Capital Co., Ltd. Ningbo Yinzhou Ali Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. holds 9.657% shares of Ningbo Donghai bank.

Ningbo Donghai bank said on its official website that it was jointly funded by high-quality state-owned enterprises recommended by China Yuanda Group and the peoples governments of Ningbo City and Xiangshan County, a number of large private listed companies and other legal entities and individuals. Xiangshan green leaf city credit cooperative, formerly established in 1988, was approved to be established in March 2012 with a registered capital of 509 million yuan; at the end of 2015, its capital was increased to 1.018 billion yuan.

According to the report of 21st century economic report on June 2, 2015, Liu Mou, chairman of Ningbo Donghai bank, testified in the court judgment that the banks restructuring was completed in 2012, and senior executives were urgently needed. Shi Xianqiang, former deputy director general of Ningbo banking regulatory bureau, called him and said that Chen, the head of Ningbo Branch of Baoshang bank, had good business ability and had the idea of working in his bank. Let him think about it. Later, Chen served as the vice president of Donghai bank and became the president since September 2014.

In March this year, the CBRC announced that the qualifications of the chairman, vice chairman and four directors of Ningbo Donghai bank were approved successively. Ningbo banking and Insurance Regulatory Bureau examined and approved the qualifications of Liu Yuan, chairman of Ningbo Donghai bank, Jiang Weijia as vice chairman, Zhou Siyuan and Qi Zhongyang as directors, Xu Yanxiu and Liu Ruihan as independent directors.

One company shares in 7 Hainan Rural Commercial Banks

Among the 38 illegal bancassurance shareholders named by the CBRC, CYTS Haijiang Investment Development Co., Ltd. and Hainan Runzhong Education Investment Co., Ltd. both took shares in Haikou rural commercial bank. Haikou rural commercial bank is the first rural commercial bank in Hainan Province, which was officially listed on December 28, 2011.

In addition to Haikou rural commercial bank, CYTS Haijiang Investment Development Co., Ltd. has also invested in a number of Hainan Provincial banks, including Hainan Wanning rural commercial bank, Sanya rural commercial bank, Hainan Lingao agricultural commercial bank, Hainan Tunchang rural commercial bank, Wenchang rural commercial bank and Chengmai rural commercial bank, totaling 7 Hainan local agricultural commercial banks.

In addition, CYTS Haijiang Investment Development Co., Ltd. has invested in 14 rural credit cooperatives, some of which have been restructured into rural commercial banks. The 14 rural credit cooperatives are: Danzhou rural credit cooperatives, Tunchang County Rural Credit Cooperatives, Lingshui Li Autonomous County Rural Credit Cooperatives, Qionghai City rural credit cooperatives, Dongfang City rural credit cooperatives, Ledong Li Autonomous County Rural Credit Cooperatives, Dingan County Rural Credit Cooperatives, Wuzhishan City rural credit cooperatives, Chengmai County Rural Credit Cooperatives, Haikou City rural credit cooperatives, Changjiang Li Autonomous County Rural Credit Cooperatives, Lingshui County Rural Credit Cooperatives, Wenchang City rural credit cooperatives, Baoting Li Miao Rural credit cooperatives in autonomous counties.

After equity penetration, the ultimate beneficiaries of CYTS Haijiang Investment Development Co., Ltd. are two natural persons: Xue min and Han Jie.

According to the official website of Hainan rural credit cooperatives, Hainan Rural Credit Cooperatives Association was established in August 2007. By the end of 2019, it has jurisdiction over 19 city and county banks, including 8 city and county rural commercial banks, 11 city and county cooperatives and 472 physical outlets. The balance of various deposits and loans was 206.368 billion yuan and 127.021 billion yuan respectively.

According to the Interim Measures for equity management of commercial banks, the number of major shareholders of a bank shall be two participants or one control at most, that is, the number of shares of the same investor, its related parties and persons acting in concert as the main shareholder shall not exceed 2 or the number of holding commercial banks shall not exceed 1.

Four companies are involved in Anbang insurance

Four shareholders have participated in Anbang Property Insurance Co., Ltd., which are Jiangsu Mingde Investment Group Co., Ltd., Unicom Leasing Group Co., Ltd., Meijun Investment Group Co., Ltd., and Zhejiang Zhonglu Infrastructure Investment Group Co., Ltd.

Anbang, formerly known as Anbang property insurance, was established in 2004 with a registered capital of only 500 million yuan. The original seven shareholders were SAIC Group, Shanghai standard infrastructure group, Unicom Leasing Group Co., Ltd., Voyager Automobile Group Co., Ltd., Jiaxing Highway Construction Group Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Biaoji Investment Co., Ltd., and Zhejiang Middle Road Infrastructure Investment Co., Ltd. Anbang property insurance increased capital several times.

In February this year, the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission (CIRC) announced that the newly established Dajia Insurance Group Co., Ltd., which was separated from Anbang Insurance Group Co., Ltd., has basically possessed the normal operation ability, and the CIRC has terminated the takeover of Anbang group according to law.

In order to effectively resolve the risks of Anbang group, the CBRC stripped off the non litigation related assets of Anbang group, approved the establishment of Dazhou insurance group, transferred the shares of Anbang Life Insurance Co., Ltd., Anbang Endowment Insurance Co., Ltd. and Anbang Asset Management Co., Ltd. according to the law, established the great Property Insurance Co., Ltd., and took over the responsibilities of Anbang Property Insurance Co., Ltd Compliance insurance business. Anbang group and Anbang property insurance will be liquidated and cancelled according to law.

Private financial holding

First, it involves jiazhaoye guoyingcheng family, a real estate agent once known as the king of old reform.

In December 2017, the CIRC issued an announcement. After investigation and verification, four shareholders, including Shenzhen hongchangyu Enterprise Management Consulting Co., Ltd., Shenzhen zhengyuanda Technology Co., Ltd., Shenzhen taiteng Materials Trading Co., Ltd., and Shenzhen zhenglaida Industrial Co., Ltd., provided false financial reports and made false statements that the source of funds was their own funds Therefore, the reply to the change of shareholders of Kunlun Health Insurance in 2016 was withdrawn.

These four enterprises were listed in the 38 illegal bancassurance shareholders named by the CBRC. In February 2017, they were all shadow enterprises owned by Guo Yingcheng, chairman and executive director of the board of directors of jiazhaoye Group Holding Co., Ltd. (1638. HK). In February of that year, the CIRC issued an inquiry letter to Kunlun insurance, asking it to explain whether it was related to the jiazhaoye guoyingcheng family and whether the equity capital came from the subordinate enterprises of the jiazhaoye guoyingcheng family or its related parties.

Whether the four new shareholders are Shenzhen jiazhaoye or not, Guo Yingchengs family was the focus of discussion in the industry for a time. However, Guo Yingcheng clarified this issue later, saying that jiazhaoye, including myself, does not hold any shares in insurance companies, and the regulatory letter of the CIRC did not disclose any more details.

Second, there are three Fujian private capital, Fuxin Group Co., Ltd., Tibet Hengshi Investment Co., Ltd. and Fujian Qingke Investment Co., Ltd.

These three seemingly unrelated Fujian companies, in addition to joining Kunlun Health Insurance, also took the same step when they took a stake in Hangzhou United Bank.

The original CIRC said that in the application for capital increase of Kunlun Health Insurance, it made a false statement that the source of funds was its own funds and there was no related relationship, and there was the act of providing false materials in the preparation. Therefore, the approval to change the registered capital of Kunlun insurance in June 2015 and the approval on its change of registered capital in June 2016 were revoked, and the permission for the above three companies to increase capital and share was revoked.

According to media reports, Fuxin group has a lot of involvement in the financial industry. As early as 1995, Fuxin group participated in the establishment of China Minsheng Bank (600016. SH), and Wu Di, chairman of the company, was elected as a director of its seventh board of directors. Fuxin group also took shares in Industrial Bank, Bank of communications, Hankou bank and Hangzhou United Rural Commercial Bank. In the insurance industry, in addition to Kunlun Health Insurance, also participated in Yongan insurance.

Two of the above-mentioned three shareholders have changed their names from Fujian company to Tibet company. In December 2016, jianqingke Investment Co., Ltd. changed its name to Tibet Qingke enterprise management service company, and then changed its name repeatedly. Tibet Hengshi Investment Co., Ltd. was renamed Tibet Lurui Industrial Co., Ltd. in March 2017.

In November 2018, Tianjin banking and Insurance Regulatory Bureau issued the approval of China Financial Leasing Co., Ltd. to adjust the equity structure. Tianjin New Financial Investment Co., Ltd. will transfer 49% of the equity of CICC held by China International New Technology Co., Ltd. China Economic International New Technology Co., Ltd. is also required to return 300 million yuan of illegal dividends according to its commitment, and will not be exempted from the responsibility of returning illegal dividends due to equity transfer.

Zhongjing International New Technology Co., Ltd. is the holding company of Chongqing Yunheng Medical Equipment Co., Ltd., which is controlled by Li Shilin, the second shareholder of Huaye capital, which was finally delisted due to the ten billion yuan radish seal.

In September 2018, Huaye capital announced that Hengyun pharmaceutical, the transferor of the companys investment of 10.189 billion yuan of accounts receivable, or is suspected of forging seals, has the possibility of fabricating creditors rights transactions with the hospitals accounts receivable, and the above accounts receivable will face the risk of partial or total uncollectible. Affected by the event of radish chapter of 10 billion creditors rights, the stock price of Huaye capital, which is in debt crisis, has been plummeting all the way. On the evening of December 4, 2019, the Shanghai Stock Exchange announced that it made a decision to terminate the listing (delisting) of * ST Huaye shares in accordance with regulations, which is the second company in Shanghai stock market and the seventh company in A-share market to delist at face value.

1 company shares in Dandong bank

Liaoning Baohua Industrial Group Co., Ltd. shares in Liaoning Dandong bank and Donggang Tonghe Village Bank Co., Ltd. At present, Dandong bank has a number of major shareholders in the state of pledge, the third largest shareholder Dalian International Trade Center Building Co., Ltd. has pledged 148 million shares; Liaoning Baohua Industrial Group Co., Ltd., the tenth largest shareholder, has pledged 44 million shares.

Among the shareholders of Dandong bank, the shares of which have been frozen include Dalian Free Trade Zone Longxiang petrochemical storage and Transportation Co., Ltd. and Liaoning Baohua Industrial Group Co., Ltd. On April 16, Liaoning Baohua industrial groups 44 million yuan investment equity of Dandong bank was frozen for three years.

In March 2012, the defendant, Yu Quanhai, took advantage of his position as the director of Donggang Development and Reform Bureau, helped Baohua group to speed up the filing and approval procedures for dismantling and deep recycling of waste household appliances. In June 2012, Song Qi sent 10000 yuan to Yu Quanhai for thanks. At the same time, the procuratorial organs also charged the criminal facts of accepting 400000 yuan from others all over the sea.

Shenxianyuan Shenye, which is listed on the new third board, announced in August 2019 that Bishui Group intends to transfer 1082995 shares of the companys shares to Baohua group. During the share transfer, Benxi Public Security Bureau will freeze the assets of Baohua group because the actual controller of Baohua group is suspected of committing crimes.

(author: Xin Jizhao, editor: Zeng Fang)