Funny family grandfather Li Shunzai apologizes for bullying his former agent

 Funny family grandfather Li Shunzai apologizes for bullying his former agent

According to South Korean media, actor Li Shunzai apologized on July 5 for bullying and exploiting brokers and improper dismissal of brokers. The following is the full text of the apology letter:

Im actor Li Shunzai.

For the dishonorable dispute related to the treatment of the former agent, I would like to express my deep apology to all the fans who have always believed in me and supported me. In addition, with other actors, especially those who dream of becoming actors and are learning acting skills, volunteer students and students have failed to set an example for everyone. They feel very ashamed and sorry. Although the company has published its official position, as an actor who has been loved by the people for a long time, I think it is natural to make my apology clear, so I wrote this article.

For a series of events, I admit that it was caused by my negligence of the long-standing principle of being meticulous to myself and respecting others. On this point, I spoke with my former agent on the phone last Friday, fully listened to him and apologized. What the former agent told the media is true, and I sincerely apologize to him.

It is wrong not to separate family affairs from work business. Similar things will not happen again in the future. We have asked the companys representative that the brokers who are about to enter the company, whether in the probation period or in other forms of business, will unconditionally handle the four major insurances.

At the same time, by a lot of criticism of the former agent of public opinion, he is also very tired, even his family is experiencing psychological difficulties. The most important thing now is to heal and encourage the disappointment and pain of the former agent, which is not the thing to blame him. Its all because of what happened to me. I hope you can stop blaming the former agent.

Through this incident, I am also well aware of the difficulties faced by the brokers and relevant people in the industry. As an actor who has spent 80 years as an actor, he has failed to fully understand their suffering and is introspecting in pain. For the rest of my life, I will think about the rights and interests of the people in my industry and put my life into practice. Further, I will be an actor who helps and gives courage to people facing similar difficulties.

hank you.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Chen Shaojie_ b6952