Women: either improve themselves, or support children, but not men

 Women: either improve themselves, or support children, but not men

In 13 years, she let her husband who graduated from medical college to become a doctor. During this period, she worked and he studied. She takes care of the old man. He is still studying. Later, she got married and had two children. She took care of her family and sent money for him. However, he went to a doctors degree all the way. He was going to graduate, but the first thing he did after graduation was to sue for divorce.

The context can not be clearer, once a man is successful, the first thing to look down on is the woman who gave everything. He is flying, and you will never follow.

Therefore, Dr. Chen got an extramarital affair at the same time of divorce.

Therefore, even if Lis wife tolerated the fact that she was pregnant, she could still call back the heart of the cheating man.

And he gave the reason for divorce, always that sentence: you do not deserve.

In the letter received by Mingyi, many female friends pour out their unhappiness in marriage.

After marriage, pregnant, having children and taking care of children, many women choose to become housewives. In China, what does housewife mean?

For women, it means that they have no income. They have to reach out to men for every penny they spend. Slowly, they lose their dignity and family status. Everything depends on mens face.

So their letters are almost the same: I have sacrificed my career and future for the sake of my family and my children, but he hates me... Whats more, a male reader surnamed Wang said to Mingyi in the letter: my wife didnt work for seven years. First, she said to take care of the eldest, and then she said to take care of the second child. I think she is lazy. The financial pressure of the whole family is on my own. I really want to leave it!

However, before giving birth to a child, his wife had a higher position than Mr. Wang and earned a lot of money because he said, giving birth to a child is giving him the best education. So his wife became the one who sacrificed. However, he gradually became ungrateful and even began to complain about his wifes futility and even started to think of divorce. No matter whether this can be successful or not, his wifes heart is broken

If a man says for home, a woman may put down everything, career, future and even life.

And once a woman cant follow a mans steps, he will regard you as my shoes, useless, even drag.

Li Bihua, a famous writer, once said, dont carry men..

Yes, dont carry him around. Its better to love him when hes almost ready. A man is not interested in making a commitment. Once he is promoted and waiting for an opportunity to break through, you will be in danger. No man is willing to sell his life. He always has ambition to buy another life with his money.

Thats why, the first thing too many men do after theyve developed is to change their wives.

Mingyi believes that the former support is not a bonus in the eyes of successful men, but abhorrence.

In comparison, he preferred the appreciation and compliment of the new man after his success.

Therefore, women began to believe in such a saying: this world is worth paying, in addition to my birth and my birth, no one else.

Finally, Zhuang Zhou dreamt of butterflies, once a gift and now a robbery.

So women: either to improve themselves, or to support children, but not to promote men.