Why dont boys always pay attention to girls feelings? If you dont understand this, its hard to recover!

 Why dont boys always pay attention to girls feelings? If you dont understand this, its hard to recover!

Because Im too tired.

But if you want them to say where they are tired, they cant.

However, there are many reasons for the girl to say goodbye: he didnt reply to my wechat in time, hung up my phone first, went on a tour, didnt take my initiative to order a big meal, crossed the road and didnt pull my hand. I even ordered a hot pot when I came to my aunt. He received a love chocolate, which was suspected to be a gift from a woman, but he said it was a company prize

In short, the reasons for breaking up are mainly details.

Speaking of this, girls will be very aggrieved, isnt love reflected in the details? If a boy doesnt put his love into details, how can he prove that he loves me

Today, senior students dont come to judge right and wrong. They talk about it from an objective point of view. Why are those pig hooves so blind?

First of all, girls think that boys dont pay attention to details, that is, they dont love her.

Boys are a rational animal with strong goal orientation. As long as the general direction of two people is right, many times the details are not so important.

For example, boys think that if two people want to work and live in a city in the future, they should work together now. When you are busy, it doesnt matter if you dont reply to each others information. It doesnt matter if 520 forgets to buy a gift. As long as the principle that two people work hard for the common goal is right, everything else is OK.

Girls are relatively perceptual, and they will deduce the purpose of boys from the details. The boy information does not return, the gift also does not send, certainly is not willing to go with me!

The difference of these two characteristics leads to the dislocation of mens and womens cognition, which leads to the contradiction between them.

In addition, the education of male students should be informal and manly and so on. We dont want a boy to be delicate and sensitive. But this is not entirely a good thing. It will make boys ignore many of their feelings when they are young, and create a large number of boys with low knowledge and low ability of emotion and details.

In contrast, girls are better than men in recognizing complex emotions, including expressions, movements and other non-verbal information. This has been proved by the research of international psychology.

Whats more, the way women express their emotions is different from that of men, which may be more complicated and even difficult to understand.

This example may seem exaggerated, but it is very typical. For example, a girl wants a boy to care about herself. She may have thought about how to express herself 10000 times before sending a picture, but she finally sends out a photo of a shoe. Boys really think that girls let him see shoes (here 10000 points of sweat).

Girls themselves are more aware of emotions than boys, and do not tell boys, and let boys guess, boys are simply blocked out by double walls.

To make matters worse, girls are more likely than boys to ponder over negative emotions and experiences, which makes them more likely to fall into obsession with details.

Understand these differences between men and women, will let us in the recovery from another angle to see the cold and merciless. A lot of times, he doesnt know the details, its really just because - hes a man.

Love is not taking, but giving each other

Presumably, many girls began to resent, there are many men who are very considerate to their girlfriends.. Well, after finishing the general phenomenon, the senior students will talk about a few phenomena.

There are some boys who neglect details. This kind of boys may be lack of education in their childhood, which may lead to their weaker empathy and feelings. They may even be avoidant personality. They are afraid of being rejected, cant believe intimate relationship, and show more alienation on their own initiative.

For such boys, girls should try to understand and tolerate them. Because they also need girls Unconditional attention, need to prove their love.

Some boys are very warm, so that girls can fully feel considerate and cared for. But the reason why warm men are warm is that there are countless reading women. Maybe you cant fix him. There are also warm men themselves, but may be Ma Bao man, career development in general.

Lets talk about girls. In addition to the congenital ability factor mentioned in the first part, it is also related to the lack of overall security of female students in China.

In thousands of years of feudal society, the idea that men are superior to women is deeply rooted. Although they died early in the morning, if they dont get married at the age of 30, the pressure faced by boys and girls is different, and the choices for divorced men and women at 40 are also different.

A considerable number of female students have a strong inferiority complex and commitment mentality, which usually do not necessarily show and they may not realize it. And once you enter into a love relationship, you will show it incisively and vividly.

For example, if your boyfriend doesnt buy himself a big barrel of popcorn.

I dont think my financial boyfriend works too much overtime and doesnt have dinner with me.

So paying attention to details, or doing, is actually a girl asking for attention from a boy repeatedly, confirming do you still love me and will you abandon me?.

This mentality is understandable, because the subconscious that has been passed down for thousands of years is too powerful. But this practice is a big taboo in the recovery. Boys are the most afraid of trouble animals, the more trivial entanglement, the more intolerable he is.

At this time, senior students often ask girls, since you ask boys to pay attention to your details everywhere, so that you go to your heart, where did you care about his details and pay for him? Pay attention, not what you think is good for him, but what he wants from you. What you get is often silence.

Many girls cant answer what boys want. If he loves me, shouldnt he pay for me like this?

He should pay for you, but you should also pay for him. If you just want him to pay, the girls love is not love, but trust, take and rely on.

Love must be mutual, he is not your parents, love you no return. He is an equal individual like you. If you only ask for love from him, he will leave.