13 years later, after reviewing struggle, I found that the girl with love brain like Miley is really pitiful

 13 years later, after reviewing struggle, I found that the girl with love brain like Miley is really pitiful

Also because of this love, I hate Charlene very much, think this kind of relying on their own beauty to rob the best friend boyfriend woman is really hateful.

Over the years, the images of Charlene and Miley have been deeply engraved in my mind and often appear in some of my articles. However, after 13 years, when I read struggle again, I had some new understanding of the girl Miley.

At that time, I was very young and had unlimited longing for love. I always felt that it was OK to love a man like this madly. But now I am a wife, I have a new understanding of love.

Why is the girl in love very poor?

I didnt know what love brain is when I first saw struggle, but when I watched struggle again 13 years later, I realized that a girl like Miley was a typical love brain.

Lu Taos characters in the play are handsome, smart, excellent, conceited, funny and a little bad. Girls like Miley, who were raised rich since childhood, are particularly easy to fall in love with this kind of boy.

Milais love for Lu Tao is wholeheartedly and humble. After a drunk, she told Charlene that at that time, she really loved Lu Tao. She always went to buy clothes for 30 yuan at the stall, cheated her parents that it was 3000 yuan clothes, and then spent all the money on Lu Tao.

She also said that she often follows Lu Tao, Nan Nan and Hua Zi to eat overlord, fight, and then compensate others and help him clean up his mess.

She said that she just likes to spend money on Lu Tao, just like to watch him happy.

Listening to this, I feel very sad. A girl like Miley has the capital to be pampered as a princess in the palm of her hand, but she is hopelessly in love with such a boy.

I admit that Lu Tao is excellent, but he is not so good that he is worth practicing himself. But at that time, milai loved Lu Tao one by one. Maybe she didnt know whether she loved Lu Tao or the one who tried to love Lu Tao.

Eileen Chang once said, in order to love a person, you put yourself in the dust, but even so, can not let his heart out of love you flowers.

So Lu Tao doesnt cherish the milai that he pays for him. He just falls in love with her best friend, Xialin, just by her appearance.

Of course, I also very despise the girl Charlene, because as long as she is a normal girl, no matter how much I like it, I will not touch a good friend.

But ah, Charlene is not a normal girl. She has been very strong since childhood and always wants to live better than others. Therefore, when Miley repeatedly said how good Lu Tao was, she had already moved her heart.

In this way, stinky fish looking for rotten shrimp, she and Lu Tao hit it off, also thoroughly hurt Miley.

Watching Miley leave, I feel sad and relieved, but in the later plot, she secretly runs back, because she cant forget Lu Tao.

The next thing, more maddening. Lu Tao was frustrated in his job search, and Charlene also went to France. Miley begged her father to give Lu Tao a good position and a good project to meet his unrealistic ideals and obnoxious vanity.

Seeing this, Im really going to be angry with Miley, because her love brain is so serious that she can take out her own life to give Lu Tao as long as he is happy.

But later, when Charlene came back, Lu Tao still went to her without hesitation. At last, Miley gave up her heart and went away with her parents.

In my opinion, there is a girl who is very similar to Miley in reality. She is the actor Zheng Shuang.

The love between Zheng Shuang and Zhang Han was once magnificent. Later, he wrote Hu Yanbin into the book. Later, he and Zhang hengai had to die and die. When they separated, they were torn apart.

This girl is a typical love brain, once met with love, she is particularly irrational and always loses herself, and such a result is often not cherished by people.

It is said that when Zheng Shuang and Zhang Han are together, as long as Zhang Han wants to go to other places to film, Zheng Shuang stops all work, arranges to accompany Zhang Han, washes clothes and cooks for him, and even pushes off the notice several times to accompany Zhang Han. What makes the company angry is that she has turned down the chance to act in the movie all the people witnessed. The role played by Deng Jiajia was originally intended for her to play, but it was against sun Honglei and Guo Fucheng.

It is such a Zheng Shuang, who has no self-confidence in love. He always wants to prove that the other party loves him by making and making trouble, and then he can get a sense of security.

But the final result always goes against the wishes of the past. No man likes girls who are too clingy, so they are always easy to lose the feelings they attach most importance to. The girls in love only have love, and when they lose, they will be more heartbreaking.

Often looking at these girls humble and painful appearance, I really feel sad, to say the truth, I think the love brain girl, really poor.

Why dont I want you to be a girl with a love brain?

It used to be said that a girls love brain may have some commendatory meaning, but now it is absolutely derogatory to say that a girls love brain is absolutely derogatory, because the love brain represents a girl who is trapped in love and has no thinking ability.

Well, as a female writer, I dont want to criticize girls who are in love, because I know that most of them have some unknown past, and many times they dont want to be like this.

So, I want to tell you why I dont want you to be a girl with a love brain.

First of all, the girl in love takes love as the whole of her life, and she cant really manage this relationship well.

The girl who is in love often has a kind of thinking solid state in love and regards love as her whole. But this kind of girls character often has the sensitive, the suspicious characteristic, when discovers the boyfriend does not pay attention to oneself, or is and other opposite sex walks close, will have the suspicion, even compels to ask each other.

Like Miley, she gave up her studies, her career, and even her life and family property for Lu Taos sake. This is very irrational behavior.

I remember when Lu Tao had to finish the impractical project, Miley went to ask his father to give him some more money. His father said earnestly, milai, I cant achieve his unrealistic dream with my money.

Yes, its not worth doing everything to love a man, but for a girl who is in love, its sweet.

But it is this kind of Miley that can never move Lu Tao. Only the one who can get out in time and be rational and sober in her feelings can she always live in his heart.

Therefore, if you want to manage a relationship well, you must first learn to be rational and make your heart strong. No matter whether he is there or not, you have confidence and ability to make your life better.

To this time, you will really have your own happiness.

Secondly, the loss of love is equal to the loss of the whole world.

Often have love brain characteristics of girls, will always love as their whole life. Once you leave love, you lose the hope of life.

However, there are many wonderful experiences in the world, which may not only be obtained from love, but also many wonderful things in life, not only love.

I have seen many girls who are in love. When they are in love, they regard each other and love as their whole world. They are immersed in love and stay away from the crowd. Once they are lovelorn, the world will collapse. They have no motivation to work and live. They even have no courage to live.

It must be remembered that the greater the hope, the greater the disappointment. If you love a person, you can only love seven points. Those three points are space for yourself and love to breathe. Only in this way can you be happy and sweet when you have love, and face it calmly when you lose love.

How can a girl in love save herself?

When watching struggle, I always lamented that although it was very unfortunate for Miley to meet Lu Tao, a scum man, she was lucky to have a pair of good parents who could not only give her a good life, but also support her spiritual world. Especially when she saw that they sold the company and accompanied her to study in the United States, I was really moved.

However, ah, not every girl is so lucky, can have such good family conditions and such good parents to accompany you out of the emotional pain, then what we need to do is to strive for self-help.

First of all, you have to keep making yourself strong.

Whats the biggest problem with a girl who is in love? Love is the only thing in their world. Their life circle is very small and their horizon is very narrow. Therefore, it is very easy to fall in love with one person and think they have the whole world.

To get out of this situation, all you can do is to constantly improve yourself and make yourself really strong.

Second, you should be more careful when choosing a lover.

The girl who is in love with the brain is most afraid of being ill behaved, but the girl with love brain is especially easy to become a dregs man harvester.

Therefore, if a girl who is in love wants to save herself, she must learn to be more careful when choosing her lover. She should not only look at her appearance, but also listen to sweet words. Instead, she should consider her three outlooks and quality comprehensively to avoid being betrayed and hurt in the future.

Most girls in love have no sense of security, so they cant wait to give everything when they get a little sweetness and love.

Therefore, I suggest that such girls should make more friends and give themselves more security through friendship. Of course, they should also learn to be alone, so that they can get out of the psychological dilemma of having someone to accompany them.

Only in this way, it is possible not to indulge in love, and only in this way can we get more happiness in love.

I admit that love is beautiful, but everything needs to be measured. When you indulge in a relationship excessively, it will become morbid and turn the relationship into a weapon to hurt yourself and the other party.

Love is a need to work hard, but more need a long flow of things, if too hard, will let each other very hard.

Therefore, if you really like this person, dont love too much, just a long stream can really long.

Im Xiyan, a columnist. Im a young girl who is neither old nor old. I like to write warm words and do emotional programs. I have published the rest of your life, which is related to me. If you have a story, please come to me.