Refuse to borrow money from waste station employees killed bosss wife absconded and arrested at the end of 13 years

 Refuse to borrow money from waste station employees killed bosss wife absconded and arrested at the end of 13 years

The scene of the crime. Provided by Yiwu Public Security Bureau

Xiaozhu is an employee of a waste collection station in Houzhai. After going to work at 7 oclock every morning, she would call the bosss wife to get up. Theres something wrong today. I yelled many times and no one answered. Xiaozhu, who felt strange, called the landlord and the neighbors nearby. Several people broke the door open. As soon as he entered the door, he saw the landlady lying on the bed with blood on her head.

After receiving the alarm, the police immediately rushed to the scene to investigate, only to see blood splashed all over the head of the bed. Although the scene of the crime was turned over in many places, some of the cash was not taken away. The police speculated that the murderer may have awakened Zhang in the process of burglary. The murderer then killed Zhang and fled the scene.

For the sake of justice, generations of criminal investigation police persevere and relay the investigation office. Over the years, through continuous efforts, although the police have obtained some clues, but has not found a substantive breakthrough.

The good news came from the targeted prisoners

Since the launch of the 2020 cloud sword - long standing homicide cases campaign this year, Yiwu Public Security Bureau has sorted out the on-the-spot evidence of unsolved cases once again, led by the criminal investigation team, and comprehensively used the latest criminal science and technology to tackle the remaining long-standing homicide cases.

Two groups of criminal investigation forces were promoted at the same time. In one group, the squadron of major cases comprehensively sorted out and analyzed the cases, found out the omissions and supplemented the doubts. When the similar cases happened in the surrounding counties and cities of Yiwu in those years, a suspicious figure came into the sight of the police.

After the trial, Cao confessed to his crime. Provided by Yiwu Public Security Bureau

On March 22, 2007, there was a burglary in Lanxi. The method of the crime was similar. The front desk clerk of a hotel was knocked unconscious and the criminal robbed the front desk money. Is this criminal the murderer who has been searching for 13 years? There are doubts in the minds of the police, continue to carry out clues mining.

Another group, the police of the material evidence identification room compared the material evidence extracted at that time, pointing to a swindler serving a sentence in Nanhu prison.

Whats more exciting is that the results of the two groups of forces confirm each other. The person in the competition is the criminal who appears in the sorting out of the series and parallel cases.

On June 22, the police went to Nanhu prison to take Cao (male, born in 1981, Jinhua) who was serving his sentence back to the prison for re examination. At first, Cao refused to account, saying that he had not committed any crime in Yiwu. But in front of the hard evidence, Caos psychological defense line was completely defeated by the police and truthfully confessed his crime facts.

After investigation, Cao was sentenced to punishment for many crimes since he was 22 years old. After he was released from prison, Cao came to Yiwu and worked as a wire exchange worker in a village of his back house. When working there are some waste lines, Cao often take these waste lines to sell to Zhangs purchasing station, and Zhang got to know each other.

On January 15, 2007, near the Spring Festival, Cao, who was in financial difficulties, borrowed money from Zhang, but Zhang did not agree. That night, Cao sneaked into the bedroom to steal, was found after Zhang brutally killed. The net of law is grand, careless but not neglectful. Cao will eventually accept the severe punishment of the law.

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