Beijing Satellite TVs cross border king of songs season 5 Nirvana reshapes the guard throne

 Beijing Satellite TVs cross border king of songs season 5 Nirvana reshapes the guard throne

Four kings gather together to break down and then stand up

The premiere singers Wang Kai, Qin Hailu, Xiao Shenyang, and Li Xiaomeng sang popular songs. The four kings gathered to return to the stage. Facing the fierce challengers, they were full of respect and expectation. Wang Kais words of who is afraid of whom are full of Kings demeanor. Qin Hailu generously expressed that welcome everyone to the throne was overbearing. Xiao Shenyang said that Im not afraid of anything anyway. Li Xiaomeng hoped that I must be convinced!

Hi, after the opening show, the newly upgraded competition system has greatly increased the audiences expectation. This program will be divided into two rounds of qualifying competition and the contest for the throne. The winner of the qualification contest will directly compete with the king of songs in 1v1! If the singer loses, he will fall directly from the throne! The new challengers who face failure will sit on the real cold stool. The double test of courage and ability of the singer and challenger is no different from erecting a railing in front of all cross-border singers. For the first time in the cross-border stage facing such fierce competition, the singers are full of courage and determination, facing the unknown, go ahead! Can the king of songs continue to defend his honor? How will cross border Meng Xin make brilliant moves? Lets look forward to it!

After the wave comes, the momentum is overwhelming

Not only that, in the battle for the throne, Zhong Chuxi came on stage in a red and black costume. Her Cantonese songs were full of momentum. She was full of singing and dancing on the stage, and she brought her own queen model. Surprisingly, this is the second time that Zhong Chuxi officially sings on the stage. It is really a new person among the new people! I wonder if Chung Chuxi, who lacks stage experience, can successfully shake the throne of song king?

Tan Jianci, who is also a cross-border newcomer, broke himself in the stage performance of competing for the throne. He left his previous identity and started again. He prepared a dynamic repertoire completely different from his temperament. His excellent singing and dancing strength and wonderful performance made the stage atmosphere extremely high. Some music critics called him the first person of singing and dancing on the cross-border stage. When the singing and dancing Prince Tan Jianci comes to the cross-border stage, how will he show the audience how to explode?

Reborn in the fire

Zheng Kai and Niu Junfeng, in the cross-border challengers alliance, chose a duet of men and women as the first song. During the shallow singing, the tacit male duet gave the popular love song new vitality. The familiar melody even made Li Xiaomeng on the throne eager to try. They sang a duet version of the love song with Zheng Kai and Niu Junfeng The performance of the song draws a complete end. Which song did Zheng Kai and Niu Junfeng choose? Can their brand-new performance be well received?

This is Zheng Kais first appearance on the stage after his marriage. In the qualification contest, Zheng Kai confessed to his wife Miao Miao with a touching love song. His affectionate singing was full of love, and the picture was full of happiness and sweetness of new marriage. In addition, Zheng Kai also responded to the topic of marriage for the first time. He said that he owed Miao Miao a lot, so he wanted to send this song to his wife to express his love. He was caught off guard and showed his love. What kind of unknown story is there between Zheng Kai and his new wife?

After the cross-border newcomers have demonstrated their excellent stage strength, the singers who accept the challenge also appear in turn. Wang Kai, dressed in a color matching suit, unexpectedly chose a simple Wuhan folk song. The simple lyrics and moving tunes are different from the previous gorgeous performances, but they directly attack the audiences heart. Wang Kai, a native of Wuhan, said that after the epidemic, the song made him feel deeply. When he returned to the stage again, he hoped to bring some meaningful songs to the audience, and his distracted speech moved the audience! The attempt of a new cross-border style also makes Wang Kai like a butterfly breaking cocoon, blooming with a different gorgeous luster!

In this round of challenge, Qin Hailu, as the uncrowned king of songs, performed a classic Cantonese song for the audience. Her infectious voice set off a wave of memories on the scene. In addition, Qin Hailu also revealed that it had a lot of origin with this song, and it was helpless to choose to stage this song. In her 40s, she understood the meaning behind the lyrics, just like Qin Hailu, who had the courage to transcend everything and tried to break through her own comfort circle. She didnt know what kind of cross-border story she would bring?

Li Xiaomeng, another singer, chose an inspirational song as a return track. She said that she wanted to escape from her comfort zone and was fully prepared to face the challenge when she came to this stage! At the same time, I also want to express my love for cross-border through this song, and send blessing to everyone who needs to cross the difficult time. I dont know what kind of surprise she will bring when solo plays?

The four kings gather to fight again, and the new soldiers are ready to fight! Facing the unknown road ahead, the singers and challengers stride forward with full score courage and redoubled efforts! Brave leap, the king is born fearless! Forge ahead, life is more than that! At 20:30 tomorrow evening, the fifth season of cross border Song King of Beijing Satellite TV will be on fire! The first battle is the decisive battle! Coming soon!

Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Liu Dan_ NBJS10788