Blame you for being too beautiful ends Li Qians career ups and downs

 Blame you for being too beautiful ends Li Qians career ups and downs

Judy, who was born as a high-quality student, has great ability but lacks experience. Her arrogance in her personality and the highlights in her past experience have become the fuse to promote the blackening of the characters. The process was not open and aboveboard. As the director of the brokerage, she was also difficult to convince the public. Her arbitrary way of handling affairs led to a lot of disagreements between her colleagues and artists.

Because it is similar to the Sitara Erqing setting of Qin LAN, the empress of Fucha, in Yanxi strategy, Li Qian, who plays the role of blackening vividly and makes netizens angry, has been awarded the title of hitara zhudichen and pirated Erqing.

Blame you for being too beautiful is a reflection of the real situation of urban women in the workplace. It takes new women + workplace as the main topic to explore, focusing on the fetters of career and life, and the entanglement between career and emotion. Qin LAN Gao plays northward CP in the play, which is sweet and sadistic. In contrast, Judy and David, the new dichlorvos CP, are beginning to show signs. It is reported that Judy also harvested sweet love at the end of the play.

It is reported that Li Qiang was filming in the cast of burning, sand Pai girl a few days ago.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Du Jiayue_ NK6020