The Gunners first goal took 120 games in 229 seconds

 The Gunners first goal took 120 games in 229 seconds

During the winter window, Arsenal loaned Cedric from Southampton. Due to injury, Cedric has been unable to play for Arsenal. Cedrics original contract with Southampton expired on June 30, so Arsenal can sign him for free this summer. On June 24, Arsenal officially announced that they had signed Cedric ahead of time without paying a cent for the transfer.

Todays game, Arsenal played very smoothly, 66 minutes on the 3-0 lock victory. In the 77th minute, Arteta replaced berelin with Cedric. In this way, Cedric ushered in his debut at Arsenal. The 80th minute, Cedrics time has come. Arsenals corner kick, Norwich players not far from the break, the ball just landed outside the forbidden area Cedrics feet. Cedric put the ball in a bit, then blasted the ball directly, blowing out a beautiful world wave, Arsenal 4-0 to expand the score.

From the bench to the world, Cedric only took 229 seconds, which can be called magic. As a defender, Cedrics previous career goal efficiency is poor. At Southampton, it took him 120 games to score his first goal, taking 10090 minutes. The goal shows Cedrics time at Arsenal will be very smooth, fans said

After the game, Cedric expressed his thanks to the club: I want to thank all the staff who have helped me a lot during this time. The ball was there, the opportunity was there, and I shot, and I was happy to get the goal in the end Arteta praised him so much: I said for a long time that Cedric is the most powerful defender in the teams existing players, which is his advantage. Tonight, he proved it.

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