Jos u00e9 Mu congratulates Liverpool on winning the title: its sad that the Red Army can firmly support Jamie

 Jos u00e9 Mu congratulates Liverpool on winning the title: its sad that the Red Army can firmly support Jamie

First of all, of course, congratulations to all the people involved in Liverpool, not only the coaches and players, but also every member of the club and all the Liverpool fans around the world, he said at a pre match press conference

Congratulations to them. After such a long wait, its time for them to enjoy themselves. So, congratulations to Liverpool. Of course, the data wont lie. They really deserve the championship Ive said for a long time that they will be champions this season - that was last November, said Jose

Since taking over Liverpool in 2015, krop has finally won the Premier League title in his fifth season of leadership. Jose also praised the Red Armys consistent support for Jamie. I think what they do is what other people have to do, that is, when you choose to trust any coach, you must support him unswervingly.

No matter how his first or second season is, you have to try to support him. After all, you choose to believe him, so you have to work with him. Even if you dont perform well in the first or second season, youll learn from it and continue to work in the third and fourth season, he said

Of course, when the coach is good at coaching, when the teams lineup is reasonable, when they do a series of work in front of them as expected, the natural thing waiting for you is success.

Its a good example for the quick who think everything in football can be done in a week, a month or a year So I have to pay more tribute to them, not only because of the spirit of accumulation, but also because of the idea that building a team is a long-term project. Well done

There is a bit of jealousy in this statement of Jose Antonio. After all, in his coaching career, what the Portuguese lacks is the long-term support at the club level, which also leads him to never coach a club until the fourth season, and three years of Mu has become a curse that is hard for him to escape.

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