Incremental funds continue to flow in! Trillions of bank financing funds are busy moving

 Incremental funds continue to flow in! Trillions of bank financing funds are busy moving

The hot equity market attracts the continuous inflow of incremental funds.

According to the data, in the first half of this year, the total scale of new public offering funds broke through the trillion yuan mark, with equity funds accounting for nearly 70%.

According to the report of Guosheng securities, the transformation of net value of bank financial management has been continuously promoted, and the proportion of the remaining balance and the number of issues of non breakeven financial products of banks has increased as a whole.

In April 2020, the index of bank transformation degree is 13.66 points, with a year-on-year increase of 8.64 points. In the past year, the proportion of net value financial products issued by banks has increased as a whole.

In terms of the number of surviving stocks, the net value products of joint-stock banks and city commercial banks accounted for the highest proportion, accounting for 33.36% and 29.83% respectively.

Among them, household deposits increased by 481.9 billion yuan, deposits of non-financial enterprises increased by 805.4 billion yuan, fiscal deposits increased by 1.31 trillion yuan, and deposits of non banking financial institutions decreased by 673.6 billion yuan.

Net red fixed income + newly issued 100 billion yuan

Under the background of the current market shock adjustment, from the perspective of financial replacement, what products can we pay attention to? The fixed income plus strategy of online celebrities may be worth a try.

Fixed income + strategic fund refers to the construction of a certain basic income through the main investment in fixed income assets such as bonds. The + part includes Daxing, convertible bonds and secondary market stocks, which is the source of flexible income. Among them, the secondary bond base is a kind of fixed income + products, which can not only fully invest in the bond market, but also participate in the stock investment in the primary and secondary markets. Its investment strategy is to make progress while maintaining stability.

At present, the issuance market will usher in a number of new fixed income + funds in the near future, including Boshi Hengsheng holding for one year, Xingquan Huixiang holding for one year, ChuangJin Hexin holding for six months, Guoshou security and stable Feng holding for six months, Jingshun Changcheng Anxin return, e-fonda Pantai one-year holding, huitianfu stable income and other products.