Virtual male and female friends are popular: low threshold, receiving pollution list, some people have monthly income of more than 10000

 Virtual male and female friends are popular: low threshold, receiving pollution list, some people have monthly income of more than 10000

Spending money to buy virtual girlfriends was originally an obscure niche industry of virtual emotional services. However, according to recent evaluation videos, the scope of services has not been limited to virtual lovers, but also includes early call, academic supervision, thesis counseling, trickery, etc. Even practitioners are constantly updating the list of services.

Virtual lovers business originated from Japan. In Japan and South Korea, most of them are in the form of physical stores. After being introduced to China, the current services are mostly virtual and online. In the early years, they are active in QQ, post bar and forum, and then grow savagely on Taobao. Later, some shops were closed down for suspected of providing pornographic services, and the regular emotional services were also not followed See you.

Do these services still exist?

Searching for keywords such as virtual lover and virtual girlfriend on Taobao has been invalid, but it can be easily found if the words little brother, little sister and love experience are replaced. At the same time, it is found that there are some pornographic transactions in the evening in wechat group and QQ group, which is called w-list (dirty list) in the industry. Why are these edge ball behaviors still rampant?

Personal experience: Laurie, Yu Jie, bossy president

Search for little brother on Taobao, you can see some product links marked with customized little brother, little sister and morning call service.

Fuel finance and Economics under a single and a half hours of language service, designated Town store level overbearing president. Before placing an order, the customer inquired about the specific requirements, and then a wechat clerk named Xiaoyu added the wechat of burning finance and economics. First, he roughly described the plot trend, and then he entered the role play of the overbearing president.

Does the boss want to renew the order? Near the end, Xiaoyu asked. After getting the negative answer, he hastily ended the service. According to the regulations, Xiaoyu needs to delete the contact information of fuel finance after the service, and send a screenshot proof to the customer service.

Fuel finance learned that Xiaoyu had just entered the business for half a month, and was initially attracted by the relevant videos on station B, and later applied to join the shop.

Then, ran finance once again experienced a half hour of Lianmai service. This time, it asked the store manager to receive the order in person. After several rounds of customer service communication, the store manager asked to charge the top male and female gods. Four hours later, he finally received the wechat friend application from the store Manager Chang Yi.

Little sister, Ill give you some science about duck species, duck, little yellow duck, flat billed Duck, and I miss you duck. After wechat voice is connected, Chang Yi says in a slightly green tone.

He told the finance and economics that this is the first time to receive orders. Before serving, he learned half an hour of local love words and communication skills to the clerk. When we train, we dont have any training on chatting skills. We rely on ourselves. The more powerful anchors are, and I am weak. He said.

Chang Yi is a senior majoring in editing and directing. His Taobao store has just been open for three weeks, but has already had a relatively stable flow of passengers. He revealed that its easy to open such a shop on Taobao, but its hard to publicize it, because its the most difficult to make videos and accumulate fans from scratch. At present, most of his stores are in station B, todays headlines, watermelon video and Zhihu video, which is backward for Taobao stores.

At present, there are 30 shop assistants in his shop, most of them are college students. The male shop assistants are mainly majoring in broadcasting, and most of the girls are excellent singers. According to the description, the application requirements are very simple: good voice, standard Mandarin. The general order receiving process is that the customer service will randomly throw the orders without special requirements into the order receiving group, and the clerk who wants to receive the order will reply with 1 Deduction in the dialog box. The first one who grabs the order will take the post first.

The proportion of the shop and the staff is four or six points, and the shop assistants get 60%. At the busiest time, the daily turnover can be more than 400 yuan, but in fact, many of our 30 employees cant get jobs. But the good news is that most of the students majoring in broadcasting do not need money. They do this industry for fun.

Dirty list, trickery list

What does not involve virtual lovers

There are five or six graduate students in our shop assistants. Last time, we received an order to guide the graduation thesis of mechanical physics. Chang Yi told fuel finance and economics.

Hello, Im the frog essence your friend ordered. After adding friends to wechat, the store started a five minute quack quack performance. Another buyer of similar services provided such a screenshot to fuel finance. His feeling was that the whole process was boring and funny.

In addition, in the process of burning finance and economics, it is also found that there are some pornographic transactions in the evening in wechat group and QQ group. This kind of service item is called w-list (dirty list) in the industry, involving virtual boyfriends and virtual girlfriends.

This is actually the face of virtual girlfriends business in the early years. It was once active in QQ, post bar and forum, and then grew up savagely on Taobao. It was reported and banned because of its involvement in pornographic industry. But there are countermeasures, some shops change the key words into little brother, little sister and other secret words, still active in Taobao.

Chang Yi told ran finance and economics, we dont have dirty lists. The shops are all pure green. Customers who want yellow service are generally rejected by the customer service. If the staff has feedback, we will provide a refund. There are also some unconventional requests, such as making friends with the same sex, which we will not accept. He revealed that after rectification, most stores only accept green orders (not involving yellow and illegal services).

However, it is understood that some of the virtual lover services involved in the Yellow River have switched to QQ and wechat to continue their business in the form of QQ group and wechat applet.

If you can pick up the video pollution list in the evening, please add me, under 18 years old.

In a QQ receiving group called virtual girlfriend, many users put forward similar demands.

Im going to take the high school entrance examination soon. I dont have time to take orders recently. A user in the group said. In the process of burning finance and economics, we found that there were many minors who claimed to be under 18 years old.

In fact, it is not allowed to edge the ball. Once it is found, it will be blackened. More than one person in charge of the virtual lovers shop said. But the fact is, especially in the QQ group, W single flooding.

And this kind of QQ group is more personal order, no threshold to join the group, in the QQ search for virtual male girlfriend can enter the group. Ran finance and economics immediately entered a large group of 500 people called virtual male girlfriends. They were very active. From time to time, some people issued some small cards to attract customers.

Virtual dating itself has no problem, but it does not mean that there are some people with ulterior motives and ulterior motives who take the opportunity to collect money. No business, no harm. We should start from regulating our own behavior. Zhu Xiaohui said.

How is the younger brother and sister selected

How to apply for a virtual girlfriend? What is it like to be a virtual girlfriend?

In the post bar and Zhihu, many users put forward such curious questions, and the reply area is mostly some shops and merchants. We can recruit people in our shop, both men and women can. One shop owner replied, with contact information attached.

In fact, in the upstream of virtual lovers service, there is still a small industry. They provide services to consumers and provide training for applicants at the same time. Through the financial experience, we found that to apply for a virtual girlfriend, we need to go through the data review, membership, training, assessment and other processes.

However, before joining, the first step is to submit the membership fee, and then a training assistant contacted fuel finance and economics to submit photos, audio, nicknames, ages, specialties, etc., and was pulled into a training group.

The other side said that there was a group training at 9:00 every night, and they could join the team after passing the examination. When the finance and economics department got to the last stage, he found that the so-called assessment was nothing but an open book. The trainer could repeat the information again.

It is understood that there is no Taobao shop in this shop at present. The work of sending orders and settling accounts is completed through QQ group. The unit price of customers is generally lower than the price given by Taobao shop. The average price is about 30 yuan an hour.

If youre lucky, you can take 2-3 orders a day, and basically dont make money. But I didnt want to make money on it. I just thought it was fun. One of the shop assistants said.

The so-called selection and training are almost nonexistent. After induction, most practitioners earn their share by soliciting or recruiting new employees. The cost of soliciting is only 3-5 yuan, and the salary of bringing in a new employee is 7.14 yuan.

Female users account for 80%

Virtual lovers are more like tree holes and painkillers

Back to the demand side, what kind of people will choose to buy virtual girlfriends?

Zhu Xiaohuis financial analysis shows that in reality, most people cant get a high-quality relationship because they are under too much work pressure or are not good at social life. In a real love relationship, arguments and frictions are inevitable. However, most people only want to enjoy the exciting and sweet part of love and communicate with virtual male girlfriends, thus shielding out conflicts in love relationships.

From the perspective of social structure, women need to bear more family responsibilities, and the demand of feeling type is far more than that of men, so the order proportion of virtual boyfriends is higher. In addition, the demand for virtual male girlfriends is high in developed cities. Most of them are single women, and their life pressure is high. Some people buy such services to relieve pressure or adjust their lives.

Chang said that the store recently ushered in a rich woman little sister, she recharge 300 yuan, opened VIP service. Every time we have a new boy, she will order one after watching the promotional video. Chang Yi recalled that the young lady said that she worked very late every day. She wanted to find someone to chat with. She would chat for half an hour or about an hour every day and then have a rest.

In the process of love, women want more respect, understanding, care, consideration, comfort and loyalty from their partner. Although men also have such needs, their psychological structure determines that men have stronger needs for some identification, encouragement, trust and praise. Zhu Xiaohui analyzes the psychological needs of men and women in the process of love, and these psychological needs happen to be temporarily replaced by virtual male girlfriends.

Avocado admits that virtual girlfriends are mostly emotional routines. The so-called love affair is just a part of the job. Most of the time, the true feelings are revealed in order to make customers renew their fees and give them red envelopes.

In fact, there are not a few people who use virtual girlfriends to cure lovelorn. The company of a virtual girlfriend can, to a certain extent, calm the psychological gap, but it can only be used as an alternative companion, and can not be relied on excessively. Zhu Xiaohui said.

In addition to the above two, the needs of GHS special services can not be ignored. Ive been working in this industry for a long time, and Ive always met some clients who ask for more than one person to knock on wheat. Avocado told fuel finance.

In general, virtual girlfriends service focuses on virtual companionship. Zhu Xiaohui believes that it is similar to the emotional counseling industry he is good at, which is psychological intervention for people.

Virtual male and female friends are like tree holes and painkillers, while psychological counseling is surgical operation, but the direction is not the same. The former is satisfied with sensory enjoyment, while the latter is to ease and comfort by changing cognitive structure and emotion. In Zhu Xiaohuis opinion, this niche industry will exist for a long time, but the requirements for practitioners are also constantly improving, such as the need for more professional voice switching, and mastering some professional skills in dealing with the opposite sex.

At the request of the interviewees, Chang Yi and avocado are pseudonyms.