Laoganma rubs hot spot online thousand bottle set meal netizen: apply hot sauce to Tencent wound

 Laoganma rubs hot spot online thousand bottle set meal netizen: apply hot sauce to Tencent wound

The melon in your hand suddenly doesnt smell good There is a saying that it has nothing to do with me. Please do not spread rumors, do not believe rumors, rational eating melon. NetEase technology official micro-blog has forwarded Baidu micro-blog, and @ Baidu search, the text good neighbors, you do not say that I have forgotten this thing; Alipay official micro-blog issued a document called hope that the world does not have a fake chapter.

Zhang Jun, Tencents public relations director, also posted an article on social media saying, youre so naive, this is the dish tonight. with the picture, there is only a picture of sauce with rice. By the way, he said in the secret corner that you can have a snack in the future.

In this regard, netizens said, back and forth on several hot search, has not spent a cent of advertising Lao Ganma may become the biggest winner

According to the 21st century economic report, some netizens found that Laoganma chili sauce had been sold out in Jingdongs self operated stores. Suning e-buy said that although Laoganma chili sauce was still available on its own platform, its sales increased by 228% month on month, the search volume increased by 407% month on month, and the order increased by 152% one hour at any time.

Dont wipe the old Ganma on Tencents wounds and its hard to get rich with geese. however, Tao Huabis eyes have already seen through everything. This will become a classic case of advertising in the future. (APP) extended reading Niujie Bao Ji restaurant staff use air-conditioning condensate and surface has now been closed off bytes vice president of Tencent Tucao: make complaints about the concept of abuse of influence 370 thousand people were cheated 23 billion? Wang Hanfa apologized: very sad! Source of this article: Chen Hequn, editor in charge of Zhongxin Jingwei_ NB12679

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