370000 people cheated 23 billion? Wang Hanfa apologized: very sad!

 370000 people cheated 23 billion? Wang Hanfa apologized: very sad!

1u3001 Wang Han used to speak for love money app from 2016 to 2018.

2u3001 As it involves the cooperation of endorsement products, before the cooperation, we communicated closely with the legal team, strictly fulfilled the obligations of the spokesperson specified in the advertising law and other relevant provisions, and verified the legality and compliance of the platform qualification and the authenticity of the business. For example, it verified the platform qualification information provided by the other party; Wang Han himself registered as a user on the platform before endorsing, and signed the cooperation agreement after experiencing the product.

3u3001 Recently, Mr. Wang Han was very concerned about the news about the difficulty in cashing funds from the aiqianjin product. He took the initiative to communicate with the platform for many times, hoping to promote the platform to solve the problem as soon as possible and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of users. Mr. Wang Han gave a detailed account of the endorsement to the relevant regulatory authorities. At the same time, we are also looking for more ways to help, including entrusting a team of lawyers to actively follow up.

4u3001 Mr. Wang Han is very distressed by the difficulty in cashing funds! Whether or not the problem occurred during his endorsement contract, Mr. Wang Han always takes a responsible attitude towards this matter, and also tries his best to cooperate with relevant departments to urge the platform side to solve the problem. At the same time, it is suggested that affected friends complain through regular channels such as consumer protection agencies.

5u3001 Wang Han team will continue to work with you, continue to pay close attention to and follow up the matter, fully communicate and urge the platform to solve problems, and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of everyone to the greatest extent.

Wang Hans endorsement of financial products is criticized

On July 1, Wang Han, a famous host of Hunan Satellite TV, was forced to become the focus of public opinion because of the suspected thunder of P2P products he was endorsing.

A few days ago, a netizen posted an article on Weibo saying that Wang Hans financial products were suspected of fraud, and 370000 people were cheated by 23 billion yuan. The picture shows that the deceived people hold a banner saying love money into fraud, Wang Han refund endorsement fee, Wang Han please come out to return my hard-earned money. At the same time, many cheated netizens said on various platforms that they had seen Wang Hans advertisement at that time. They believed that Wang Han put money in the financial products involved in the matter, and stressed that Wang Han should be responsible for this matter.

This incident also caused a lot of netizens argument, some people think, this kind of situation has nothing to do with Wang Han, as a spokesman can not manage the companys operation. However, some people think that the spokesperson is relying on his or her public influence to publicize the brand, and he must bear joint and several liability.

According to the official website of aiqianjin, aiqianjin is an online lending information intermediary platform of Shanghai RONGSHU Network Technology Co., Ltd., which was launched on May 6, 2014 and has been in operation for six years. According to the operation data, aiqianjin has made a total of 231.921 billion transactions, 990.8404 million transactions, and earned 9.897 billion yuan of income for investors and 16.79 million users.

In April this year, some investors left a message in the interactive exchange section of the official website of Beijing local financial supervision and Administration Bureau, saying that aiqianjin has always refused to refund money on the ground of low market activity.

On May 8, the Beijing Municipal Local Financial Supervision and Administration Bureau replied in the Notice of refusal to accept that said, the public security organs have filed a case to investigate the platform for the relevant problems you have raised about love money entering the platform, and the relevant departments will handle them in strict accordance with the judicial disposal procedures. Please wait for the relevant information to be released by the judicial organs in the course of disposal. This also means that the public security organs have filed a case to investigate aiqians entry into this platform and handle it in strict accordance with the judicial disposal procedures.

The asset side of aiqian is mainly offline large personal credit and online micro personal credit. Among them, the large amount of offline credit business comes from fanpuxin, the parent company, and the online micro credit business is from the money station app of fanpujinke.

According to the operation data of aiqianjin, as of July 2, 2020, the total transaction volume of the platform has reached 231.897 billion yuan, the number of transactions has reached 990 million, and the number of service users has reached 16.79 million. Among them, the accumulated loan amount was 104.75 billion yuan, and the loan balance principal was 22.761 billion yuan.

In addition, the current overdue amount of aiqianjin is more than 6.629 billion yuan, and the number of overdue transactions is 421651. More than 5.007 billion yuan was overdue for more than 90 days, and 407423 transactions were overdue for more than 90 days. The overdue rate was 27.01% and 22.58% respectively.

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