Eight white British police beat up a black man who said he was armed

 Eight white British police beat up a black man who said he was armed

Overseas network, July 2 (Xinhua) British media exposed a video on the 2nd, which showed that eight British police beat up a black man on the street of Wellesley in Croydon, England. After being beaten and kicked by several police officers, the black man was obviously frightened.

The video, shot by a passer-by who witnessed the assault, happened on Friday (June 26) local time. The picture shows a black man surrounded by eight white police officers. One of the policemen kicked him to his leg while he was struggling. Then the man fell to the ground. Two officers subdued him. After that, the man continued to struggle and the other officer continued to struggle Cha then punched the man twice.

According to the local police, on the day of the incident, the black man, who was driving a patrol in the street, began to run after seeing them. The police on the scene suspected that the man might be carrying weapons, so they pursued him and handcuffed him. However, after the search, the man did not carry any weapons, the scene only an umbrella abandoned in the escape.

According to witnesses, after the police left, the black man was obviously frightened and sat still in the corner. According to the police, they are currently investigating the incident, and the performance of the eight policemen in the video will be part of the investigation and evaluation.

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