Blockbuster list: Pharmaceutical theme fund wins in the first half of the year

 Blockbuster list: Pharmaceutical theme fund wins in the first half of the year

A unique branch

In this context, the medical theme fund is a unique branch. Wind data shows that as of June 29, the average return of 369 general equity funds (A / C shares combined) has reached 21.22% this year. Among them, Chuang Jin Hexin healthcare industry a performed best, with a return rate of 78.70%; Guangfa healthcare a with a yield of 74.64%; ICBC Credit Suisse Frontier Medical, Baoying medical health, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Shenzhen, ICBC Credit Suisse pension industry and ICBC Credit Suisse medical health a also had a yield of more than 70%.

Among the top 20 common equity funds, except for Wells Fargo Internet technology and China Europe quality consumption, the remaining 18 are pharmaceutical theme funds. China Securities Journal reporters sorted out the names of the funds with the words of medicine, medical care, pension, health care, health and other words, and found that as of June 29, the average return of these funds this year was as high as 49.98%.

In the mixed fund, the medicine fund still dominates the screen. As of June 29, the average yield of 2861 hybrid funds this year has reached 15.25%, according to wind data. Among the top 20, except Guangfa new economy, Huatai Bairui incentive power a and Wanjia industry optimization, the remaining 17 are pharmaceutical theme funds. Among them, RONGTONG healthcare industry a performed the best with a yield of 70.04%.

Performance of index funds

At the same time, the performance of passive index funds, which benefit from structural market, is also commendable, especially the pharmaceutical theme ETF.

From the perspective of market performance, as of June 30, Cathay Pacific China Securities biomedical ETF had the highest increase since June 30, with an increase of 61.32%, followed by Huabao Zhongzheng medical ETF, with an increase of 60.87%. The performance of these two ETFs was far better than that of other stock ETFs. The third largest ETF was the China Securities 500 medical and health index, with an increase of 48.71%.

Similar to ETFs in medicine and biology, the pharmaceutical and biological index funds in the stock index funds also ranked first. As of June 29, the return of CMG biomedicine has reached 63.57% this year, and the return of e fund biotechnology has also reached 63.57%. In addition, huitianfu Zhongzheng biotechnology as return reached 58.95%. The returns of Huabao Zhongzheng medical and Guangfa Zhongzheng medical treatment were also more than 50%.

The pharmaceutical theme fund is obviously the big winner in the first half of the year. For the pharmaceutical sector, a well-known pharmaceutical fund manager in the industry said that in the short term, pharmaceutical stocks have indeed increased significantly. In the second half of the year, the expected rate of return should be reduced, but in the long run, pharmaceutical stocks should have relatively stable returns. He is optimistic about innovative drugs, medical devices, retail pharmacies and pharmaceutical consumption.

With structural opportunities highlighted in the first half of the year, the market has a good money making effect. Looking forward to the future, the institutions believe that a shares will still maintain a volatile pattern, and structural opportunities are expected to continue. ICBC Credit Suisse Fund pointed out that under the background of the second rebound of the global epidemic situation, considering the uncertainty of the epidemic situation and geopolitics, the judgment of increasing volatility in the short-term overseas market remains unchanged. At home, the overall economic data has continued to improve since June. In terms of investment strategy, short-term recommendations focus on the recovery of the economy and the optional consumer sector with valuation advantages, as well as the securities sector benefiting from the reform of the capital market. In the medium term, we will continue to focus on TMT, new energy vehicles, consumer and pharmaceutical sectors in line with the direction of industrial upgrading.