After the former Taobao live broadcast of Zhao Yuanyuans resignation, Ali informed him that he had been dismissed for violating the rules

 After the former Taobao live broadcast of Zhao Yuanyuans resignation, Ali informed him that he had been dismissed for violating the rules

In view of Zhao Yuanyuans behavior, Ali reported that his behavior violated the Alibaba employee discipline system, and was dismissed and never employed.

Leave Ali to start a business

The reporter also learned from qixinbao, an enterprise information inquiry platform, that Zhao Yang is the legal representative of Hangzhou Yuanqi Culture Development Co., Ltd., which was established on March 25, 2020, and holds 70% of the shares.

Through equity penetration, the reporter can see that Guangzhou Yuanqi Culture Communication Co., Ltd., which was established on April 24, 2020, and Shanghai content E-Commerce Research Center Co., Ltd., which was established on May 26, 2020, are affiliated enterprises of Hangzhou Yuanqi Culture Development Co., Ltd., and their legal representatives are Zhao Yang.

In an online salon in mid March, Zhao Yuanyuan personally disclosed that he planned to officially announce his resignation from Ali in April. The news of my resignation was actually leaked out in advance.

Talking about the idea of leaving and starting a business, he also said that it was still a good time to enter the Bureau live broadcast at that time, but the market was not mature and there were many gaps. Since I was the person in charge of the platform before, I cant go out and teach anyone, otherwise it would be unfair. There are so many interesting and useful ideas that I can only hold back by myself. At this time, I want to forget about it and do something by myself, so I came out to start a business. I want to practice these things again.

In online sharing, Zhao Yuanyuan believes that his idea can broaden the whole live broadcast fundamentals, so that it really becomes a gale, not a flash in the pan. However, as for the function of Zhao Yuanyuan during his work in Alibaba, a relevant person in Ali corrected it, he is not the person in charge of Taobao live broadcasting platform, but an ordinary employee..

According to the information disclosed, Zhao Yuanyuan called himself quitting to start a business, which was actually dismissed by Ali. For the authenticity of this bulletin screenshot on the intranet, the reporter of economic observation network verified it to the official Ali, and the other party confirmed that it was true. However, no response was given to the specific content of the notice. However, according to the above-mentioned insiders, the anti-corruption and compliance department, which is responsible for the investigation and management of Alis anti-corruption, has always been the case. Since the establishment of this department in 2012, the situation of employees involved in disciplinary violations will be disclosed for a fixed period of time, which further proves the authenticity of the information.

It is conceivable that the content of the notice directly slapped Zhao Yuanyuan, who claimed to leave his job and start a business. In this regard, Zhao Yuanyuan first published a circle of friends who said you have no reason to add to the crime on the afternoon of June 28, and then shared a melon picture on his Sina Weibo on the evening of June 29, without any words.

When Zhao Yuanyuan published news on social media, it attracted many peoples attention. He also responded that it doesnt matter and said that he was preparing for the start-up company. For this matter, the reporter tried to contact Zhao Yuanyuan many times, but up to the time of publication, no response was received. However, the reporter saw that the above-mentioned circle of friends has been deleted.

Now, Zhao Yuanyuans dismissal incident, the parties and Alis official statement is not the same. Cao Lei, director of the e-commerce research center of Netcom, thinks that there may be three reasons behind it: Zhao Yuanyuan failed to achieve the established goal of Taobao live broadcast, or he was involved in the live broadcast competition because he wanted to leave his job and start a business. Moreover, it may be related to his high-profile and active remarks in the circle..

The reality that can not be ignored is that the live e-commerce is in the wind, and many parties are competing to get a share of the share. In 2020, the scale of live broadcast transactions is expected to reach one trillion yuan. Kwai tiktok, look at fiercely as a tiger does 40% of the total market share, followed by 25% of the fast drivers and 20% of the tremor, while the remaining 15% share is not only seen by Jingdong, Suning, many spells, little red books,, and other electronic commerce platforms, but also many offline businesses are entering the Mo Daiqing market. The most important part of the company is Taobao. Medium. However, the MCN organization founded by Zhao Yuanyuan at present is closely related to e-commerce live broadcasting.

As for Zhao Yuanyuans behavior, Dong Yizhi, a special researcher at the e-commerce research center of ECOSOC and a lawyer from Shanghai zhengce law firm, believes that the current incident is not easy to define. However, he mentioned that in recent years, Internet executives violations have increased significantly, which is related to the development speed and attention of the industry and related businesses.