ee the scene which is dreadful to one s mind! After 1985, CCB credit card employees charged more than 3 million benefit fees

 ee the scene which is dreadful to one s mind! After 1985, CCB credit card employees charged more than 3 million benefit fees

Bank salesman conspired with others in 1986

Recently, Chinas judicial document website has released the criminal verdict of the second instance of the case, revealing more details behind the scenes of the case.

Zhao Mou, one of the defendants in this case, was born in October 1986 with university culture. He was a salesman of Credit Card Department of Daqing branch of China Construction Bank (CCB).

The other defendant in this case, Wu Mou, was born in 1986 with junior high school education. He was the actual operator of Jinxin Modern Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

Profitable operation of multi player relay

So, Zhao and Wu is how to complete the card and arbitrage profit? Judging documents show that this is a profit-making operation of a multi person relay.

According to the judgment document, Zhao and Wu, after making the above-mentioned plot, instructed Zhang and other three people to promote the development of customers, instructed law to make false bank statements by means of forged bank seals, and instructed Yu to find Xu (handled separately) to submit the applicants information to the credit card approval system at the website of Sunshine Branch of China Construction Bank, and Zhao completed the credit card examination and approval system Batch, and through the intermediary Li Mou and others to develop customers.

After the credit card is issued, Wu will cash out the benefit fee by brushing the POS machine. Yu will set out the benefits of cash, transfer to Wu himself or to the companys other people.

In terms of determining the amount of crime, the court found out that according to the testimony of Li, Zhang and LV, after handling the credit card, 25%, 25% - 30% and 20% of the credit card limit will be charged. Wu also confessed to charge 20% of the credit line. The judicial expert opinion confirms that the credit card will be paid according to the credit card details confirmed by POS machine for the first time The card amount accounts for the majority, followed by more than 20%, and less than 20% accounts for a small number. Considering the situation that Youwu has collected the benefit fee through cash, it is determined that the benefit fee collected by Wu is determined as 20% of the credit line.

According to Wus confession, witness law, Yu and other evidence, Wu and Zhao conspired to apply for the card in the above way. Zhao issued the credit card unconditionally and charged 10% of the credit line. The bank card transaction details also confirmed that Wu repeatedly transferred money to Zhao during the case.

Six and a half years sentence for bribery involving non state functionaries

According to the judgment documents, the evidence adopted by the court in this case includes credit card handling process of Daqing branch of CCB, post responsibility system of employee Zhao during his term of office, repayment of 802 risk credit cards as of April 20, 2019, letter on reporting clues of suspected criminal problems of former Daqing branch of China Construction Bank, fact meeting materials of Discipline Inspection Department of CCB to Zhao, 802 Credit card application form, etc.

After the sentence was pronounced in the first instance, the two defendants appealed. The second instance court of Daqing intermediate peoples Court of Heilongjiang Province held that the facts of the first instance judgment were clear, the evidence was accurate and sufficient, and the sentencing was appropriate. It ruled to reject the appeal and maintain the original judgment.

His bank was fined 250000 for credit card business

According to an administrative penalty information disclosure form released by the regulatory department on November 30, 2018, Daqing branch of China Construction Bank has not fully verified the authenticity of the materials provided by the applicant in handling credit card business, and Daqing banking regulatory branch decided to impose a fine of 250000 yuan on the branch.

The legal basis for the above punishment is Article 46 of the banking regulatory law of the peoples Republic of China. According to the article, a banking financial institution in any of the following circumstances shall be ordered by the banking regulatory authority under the State Council to make corrections and impose a fine of not less than 200000 yuan but not more than 500000 yuan. If the circumstances are particularly serious or if the circumstances are not corrected within the time limit, the banking financial institution may be ordered to suspend business for rectification or its business license may be revoked; if a crime is constituted, criminal responsibility shall be investigated in accordance with the law: (1) appointment without qualification examination Ordering directors or senior managers; (2) refusing or hindering off-site supervision or on-site inspection; (3) providing false statements, reports and other documents or materials that conceal important facts; (4) failing to disclose information in accordance with the provisions; (5) seriously violating the prudent business rules; (6) refusing to implement the measures prescribed in Article 37 of this law.

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