India banned some Chinese app embassies in India: discrimination against WTO rules

 India banned some Chinese app embassies in India: discrimination against WTO rules

The Indian measures selectively targeted at some Chinese applications and discriminated against them. The reasons were vague and farfetched. The procedures violated the fairness and openness, abused national security exceptions, and were suspected of violating the relevant WTO rules. They ran counter to the general trend of international trade and e-commerce development, and were not conducive to the interests of Indian consumers and promoting market competition.

Relevant applications have a large number of users in India, and have been operating in strict accordance with Indian laws and regulations, providing efficient and fast services for Indian consumers, creators and entrepreneurs. Indias ban measures not only affect the employment of local Indian employees who support these applications, but also affect the interests of Indian users and the employment and livelihood of many creators and entrepreneurs.

We hope that India will recognize the mutually beneficial and win-win nature of China India Economic and trade cooperation, and at the same time urge India to change relevant discriminatory practices, maintain the momentum of China India Economic and trade cooperation from the fundamental interests of both sides and the overall situation of China India relations, treat enterprises and service providers from all countries as equals, and create an open, fair and just business environment.

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